Why do I get a 5 on the IELTS Speaking Exam?

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Have you taken the IELTS exam many times? Are you frustrated by your low scores, like a 5 on the Speaking Exam?

get 5 ielts speaking

To increase your score, you first need to understand what you are graded on.

Today, I’ll give you some advice on how to raise your Speaking score above a 5. Learn how to get a 6, or even higher!

Fluency and Coherence

This category is about your ability to keep talking smoothly.

IELTS candidates receive a 5 here because they don’t say enough, or they say “uh” or “um” too often.

  • Raise your fluency and coherence score: In Speaking Part 1, answer with 3 to 5 sentences. Also, practice reading out loud every night for 10 minutes to practice speaking fluently and smoothly.


The examiner must hear a range of vocabulary here, from informal to formal.

Candidates who get a 5 for vocabulary usually show a limited range of words, only speak about things generally, and repeat words often.


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This score relies on your ability to use a variety of sentence structures without tons of mistakes.

A score of 5 here is often given because the student uses mostly simple sentences.

  • Raise your grammar score: Practice using a variety of structures, especially conditionals and relative clauses.


Your pronunciation score is about speaking clearly, and with emotion.

The examiner may give you a 5 here if she/he hears no intonation and stress.

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