IELTS Energy 181: How to Get a Vocab Victory on the IELTS General Training Letter

IELTS General training letter writing task 1Are you looking for a vocabulary victory on the IELTS General Writing Task 1 Letter?

Today get the exact vocabulary that you need on the General Training letter.  Should it be formal or informal?

Find out everything you need to know today.

There are two question types for the Writing Task 1 General Exam.

Sometimes you have to write a formal letter, to a bank manager for example.

Sometimes you have to write a letter to a friend.

The question was:

“In the informal letter to what extent should it be informal? “

Our answer:

Yes, slang is allowed. Bad IELTS teachers will tell you that you can’t use slang but that’s a lie.

To get your 7 you need to use informal phrases.

You need appropriate vocabulary and you must show the examiner a range of vocabulary.

In our course we guide you in deciding whether your letter is formal or informal and then we talk about the best possible vocabulary for each one.

Please avoid general words like “stuff” or “people” because you will miss the opportunity to be more precise and specific to show your vocabulary range.


What questions do you have about IELTS General Exam Writing Task 1?

Let us know in the comments and if you ask a good question we’ll answer it on the show.

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