Free Training- Free IELTS Lessons

Free IELTS Training- Free IELTS Lesson


  1. I suppose that Terry will get a promotion next month.
    I am supposed to do exercise in the morning, but I don’t.

  2. 1) I suppose AEE program is a nice program to improve my listening skills.
    2) I supposed to set my plan for practice English every day.

  3. I found out your podcast on Janet Gerber’s ebook, and I suppose that was my best gain for the last weeks of learning! Now I am supposed to get more practice in english.

    Thank you for the work that you have done!

  4. I suppose that tonight will be raining.
    I’m supposed to be less lazy and study more English. 🙂

  5. 1) I suppose innovation is the key factor to the enterprise’s success.
    2)I was suppose to attend my best friend’s wedding party, but I had a car accident on my way to the party.

  6. * fill out the form, please.
    * aside from listenning allearenglish podcast, what resouces do u use?
    * word ” english” starts with e
    * AEE make me feel that sense of itimacy with english. it really help out
    * slang and idiom can be tricky for me sometimes. I like challenges so I tend to stick with it to find out these meanning
    * learning english is such as cool field to be in
    * hello everybody, all listener near and far!
    tell me about yourself? for me, it stands out a little bit more formal
    when I learn pronunciation , I try to slow dow and be clear

  7. In my opinion interviews in English are easier than in Portuguese, because they focus more on the English words you are using than in your answers haha!

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