recent 2019 ielts writing questions

IELTS Energy 703: IELTS 2019 Writing Questions and Band 9 Answers

Today you’ll find out the most recent IELTS 2019 Writing questions and how to answer them. Yesterday, we talked about the most recent IELTS Speaking questions, as reported by a 3 Keys student who took the exam. So today, we’ll dig into the Writing section…. Read More

recent ielts speaking exam questions 2019

IELTS Energy 702: Most Recent IELTS Speaking Exam Questions 2019!

Today you’ll hear about recent 2019 IELTS Speaking Exam questions. A 3 Keys student just took the exam in Germany, and shared his experience with the students in our closed Facebook group. Today, we’ll report on the Speaking questions, and talk about how you can… Read More

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IELTS Energy 701: Get Out of a Corner in Speaking Part 2

Today you’ll hear sample IELTS Part 2 answers about photographs. Click here for Nymaa’s episode, and learn how she got an overall 7.5 on her first attempt! Lindsay and Jessica do their own IELTS Part 2 sample answers about a photograph they like. Notes from… Read More