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IE 10: How to Mix It Up with Different IELTS English Accents

Today you’ll find out which accents will be on the listening section of the IELTS and where you can practice those accents for free. Are you confused about which English accents will be on the IELTS? There are a variety of accents on IELTS. If… Read More

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IE 9: Risky English Grammar on the IELTS

Today you’ll learn what grammar risks you should take on IELTS to get a 7 and when to play it safe with your grammar choices. Do you know how complex your grammar needs to be to get a score of 7? For a 7 you… Read More

IELTS Energy 8: How Can You Correct Your Own Writing for the IELTS Writing Section?

Can’t find anyone to correct your IELTS writing practice? A lot of people have this problem but it doesn’t mean that you can’t do some great preparation for the test by yourself! Today you’ll find out exactly how to create a checklist for your writing… Read More

IELTS Energy 7: Professional TEDx Speaker Cathey Armillas Shows You How to Succeed on the IELTS Speaking Exam

In this episode you’ll learn how to get out of your head and how to get as confident as you can for the speaking section of the IELTS Exam! Today our guest is Cathey Armillas. Cathey is a professional TEDx speaker, a marketing professional, and… Read More

AEE IELTS: Is the IELTS for Me? Find Out Today!

What is the IELTS? Who takes it, and why? Today, Lindsay and Jessica discuss all the basics of the IELTS exam!   The IELTS is an exam that’s usually taken by non-native English speakers.  The academic version of the exam is for students who want to study… Read More