IELTS Listening test tips

IELTS Energy 90: How to Be the Most Relaxed Person in the IELTS Listening Test Room

Do you get nervous during the IELTS Listening test? Are you afraid that you will lose control during the Listening test and you won’t understand anything? Are you worried about the different accents on the test? Today we have a fun solution for your problem!… Read More

IELTS myths

IELTS Energy 89: The Top 5 Myths That Bad IELTS Teachers Tell You

You want to score a 7 or higher on IELTS, right? If so, when you choose an IELTS teacher you need to be careful! Recently we have heard a lot of bad advice from IELTS teachers. Students come to us and ask if the advice… Read More

IELTS Speaking test idioms parties

IELTS Energy 88: 6 Speaking Idioms for Questions About Parties and Celebrations

Do you like to party? On the IELTS Speaking test there are a lot of questions about parties and celebrations. If you get a question like this you should use idioms and expressions to boost your vocabulary score to a 7 or higher. Today we’ll… Read More

IELTS Speaking grammar

IELTS Energy 87: How to Bring the Present Perfect into a Perfect IELTS Speaking Answer

Are you worried about using the present perfect on your IELTS Speaking test? Many students get stressed when it comes to grammar tenses like this one. Today we’ll show you how to use the present perfect and the simple past to respond to typical Speaking… Read More