michelle pronunciation tips

IELTS Energy 757: Fake It ‘Til you Make It- Michelle’s Pro Pronunciation Tips!

Today you’ll get pro pronunciation tips from Michelle, coming to us from All Ears English! This is a groundbreaking episode– Michelle and Jessica have never recorded together before! Now, if you don’t sound interested in what you are saying, while you are talking, people don’t… Read More

evgenii advice 7 ielts writing

IELTS Energy 756: Evgenii’s Advanced Advice for a 7+ on IELTS Writing

Today you’ll hear Evgenii’s advice for a 7+ on IELTS Writing. Evgenii is a guest today because he wrote the winning essay in the Writing Wizard contest last month. The first time he took the exam, he only got 6 on Writing, 7.5 on Listening,… Read More

vocab ielts speaking 9

IELTS Energy 755: Give Today’s Vocab. a Whirl for an IELTS Speaking 9

Today you’ll learn Band 9 Speaking vocabulary about trying something new. You’re often asked questions like this in Speaking Part 1, like wanting to try food/a book/ a sport that you’ve never tried. Take notes on today’s idioms, and try to memorize one or two… Read More

david ielts scores whole bands

IELTS Energy 754: David from Denmark Boosts IELTS Scores by Whole Bands

Today you’ll learn how David boosts his IELTS scores by whole bands! David needed to get high IELTS scores to study his Masters Degree in Business. At first, he tried to pass the TOEFL Exam. After trying 4 times and still missing the needed score,… Read More