IELTS Energy 201: 6 English Study Strategies with Vanessa

Vanessa Speak English with Vanessa IELTS natural EnglishToday get 6 English study strategies for a higher IELTS score with Vanessa from Speak English with Vanessa.

Vanessa helps students stop talking like a textbook.

This is a great goal for you as an IELTS student because if you do speak like a textbook you will not get a higher score than 6 for vocabulary on the IELTS Exam.

Natural English is language that does not sound strange when native speakers hear it.

Examples of Natural English:

  • To keep doing something
  • “Pretty”: I am pretty tired, I am pretty happy
  • “Not that”: I am not that happy


Six Tips to Speak Natural English:

  • Listen to natural materials every day: This depends on your level. If you are a beginner and it’s hard to understand native conversation then start with something that is natural but don’t start with a TV show. You can try You Tube videos, podcasts, radio, audio books, audio files. This will increase your motivation. You’ll see real people speaking the language and you’ll want to participate.


  • Write new expressions in a special vocabulary notebook: Take a few extra seconds with the new expressions that you learn. This will help you think about the expression and focus on it. You could write a sample sentence about it. Read the words out loud.


  • Repeat a story and compare with the original: Choose a story that you can remember. Vanessa supplies links to short stories that are 2-5 minutes that you can listen to and try to use the vocabulary words in the context of the story. It’s natural to hear a new vocabulary word in the context of a story. This will also help you for IELTS Speaking Part 2.


  • Shadow real English materials once per week: This means to imitate a speaker directly. It should be a native speaker. You can just repeat exactly what the person is saying. Use the same pronunciation and intonation. You can use clips of sitcoms for this.


  • Get feedback as you speak: You can get help from Vanessa. She offers trial lessons. Go to Speak English with Vanessa to book a trial. There are also local English groups and you can find them on


  • Learn from other people’s mistakes: Online you can find information about typical mistakes in English. For the IELTS Exam we talk in our course about the rookie mistakes. When we learn from other people’s mistakes we are able to avoid them.


To increase your score on the IELTS these 6 tips will help you on all parts of the exam.

Go to Speak English with Vanessa to get this free ebook!


Vanessa’s Bio:

Vanessa Prothe is a TESOL certified teacher who has been teaching English for the past 5 years in 3 different countries: the US, France, and South Korea. In 2014 she started teaching English online on her website

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  • 1) Keep going ! Don’t stop !
    2) I’m pretty / super hungry .
    3) I’m not that excited to watch a game tonight .
    4) It’s up to you to stay longer if you want .
    5) I’m supposed to do my homework after school .

    Six Tips to Speak English NATURALLY by Vanessa :
    1) Listen to real native content every day
    2) Read my own sample sentence out loud with each new expression
    3) Create my own story with the same vocabulary words from an original one and compare
    4) Imitate a native speaker’s pronunciation and intonation through clips of sitcoms
    5) Get feedback from my online native Eglish teachers
    6) Avoid the same mistakes from other English learners

    • You’ve got it, Mollie! 🙂

  • Hi Vanessa, I want to learn English because I would like to speak English well like native speakers. I want to no many knowledge in the world. I want to make some good relationship with foreigner. Finally I really want to find my life purpose. My first step I think I must improve my English skills. Thank you for your kindness.

  • Evaldo Correa

    Hi Vanessa. Pretty good podcast, by the way! Your advices and tips were right to the point, as usual. Regarding why I am learning English, there are a lot of reasons, but the main point is: I love to learn foreign languges, and English is universal, as everybody knows. And this opens up a variety of possibilities in nowadays in a globalized world, especially when it comes to Internet resources, that has been growing day by day … Cheers to everyone!!!!

  • Pui Souphihalath

    Hi Vanessa, I want to learn English because I want to speak English naturally without anxiety. Thank you for sharing! I am waiting for next one?

  • Tiago Levy

    Hey Vanessa, a want to learn english becouse every body aroud me, speak english and i no 🙁

  • Nestor Herrera

    Vanessa and All Ears English hit the nail on the head with this Podcast
    “Shadowing” is pretty much tough but not Impossible.
    Idioms and Phrasal verbs help a lot sound Natural ” like Native Speakers”
    to end up I suggest for learners keen on getting Natural English other amazing sites: @RealLifeEnglish @ @Culips @Go NaturalEng @Fun English lessons
    Congrats it was a fruitful Talking!

  • Emelita

    Hello, Vanessa, I want to learn English because I want to be confident whenever I speak. I also want to speak English naturally and fluently. Thanks.

  • Adany Melo

    Hi Vanessa, I really want to learn english because I really like other languages, also because speaking in english open many opportunities, and because I want to be able to communicate with many people.

  • Alexander Bikmikhametov

    Hi Vanessa! I want to learn English because I would like to speak English like native speakers.

  • Vivian Oliveira de Almeida

    Hi, Vanessa! Thanks for sharing it! Thanks for all your tips!
    I listened to this podcast and I liked it a lot!
    As you asked me through the email, here we are: “I want to study English because I love it, it’s a personal fullfilment, and also because I imagine it is an useful way to learn and develop other languages.” Thank you for all.