What the Emoji Movie Says about IELTS Vocabulary

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Today you’ll learn what the Emoji Movie says about IELTS Vocabulary!

emoji movie says IELTS vocabulary

Now, I probably wouldn’t have seen this movie unless I had a 6 year old.

It’s not a quality cinematic experience, but it occurred to me that what the emojis stand for has some lessons for you in terms of vocabulary for IELTS Speaking and Writing.

The ‘Meh’ Emoji 😐

This is the featured icon of the film.

Meh‘ is what you use when you are indifferent, or have no specific feelings about a topic.

You shouldn’t do this on IELTS!

In Speaking, in order to get a 7 or higher for Vocabulary, you must be descriptive and specific, and for a 7 or higher for Pronunciation, you have to be expressive!

For instance, if the examiner asks, “Do you enjoy playing video games in your leisure time?

You shouldn’t respond, “Nah. I don’t care about video games.

That’s a very low-scoring answer!

Instead, you could say, “Oh, not a chance! If I am lucky enough to have some spare time, I want to take advantage of that. I’d much prefer to be outside, exploring some new nook and cranny of the world, than to post up on my couch and be a screen zombie.

Also, in Writing, if you are asked to write about a topic that you have no strong opinion about, you still must take a stand.


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The opinions you express don’t have to be true! In order to score a 7+ for Task Response, the fact is that the examiner must see a clear position from you, on the topic, throughout your essay.

Emoji Vocabulary


I’m totally stoked about that.

It’s definitely at the top of my list, as far as activities go.


To be frank, it’s a snooze-fest.

There’s simply not anything that engages my interest.


To be honest, I could not have been more surprised

That was a real shocker.


Admittedly, I was rattled.

Frankly, it put me on edge.

Now what?

Choose 3-4 of today’s phrases to put in your vocabulary notebooks, and practice using them the next time you are speaking English!

What do you think of today’s vocabulary?

Share your example sentences in the comments section below!


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  • Iryna Bunetska

    Hi there!
    I have 2 things to reflect on in this episode.
    First of all, in Russian we also have and expression “Yesterday” and it had exactly the same meaning and used in the same way. It’s so surprising how Russian is similar to English in terms of expressions.
    Another thing I’d like to mention is how badly I want to join your Boston tour! When I heard of it for the first time I was so excited about that, but my smile wanished the very moment you said the time(( Unfortunately, I’ve already bought the tickets to go back home in August. I’m a Ukrainian English teacher in China 😀 I started to intensively learn English at the university (in Ukraine) just to get ready for the final exam, but soon enough I felt so much into English that I started immersing into everything that was connected to English. I’ve grown to appreciate English as a bridge to connection. English has changed my life! From majoring in accounting and working as one back in Ukraine to teaching English in China! I really dream of going to the US one day and your idea would work just perfectly for me! The chance you are offering is exactly what I’ve been always looking for. To experience American culture as it is. I never wet on “work and travel” simply because I didn’t want to come to America just for the sake of changing my location, I longed for blending in with Americans and experience authentic American culture. I really envy those 8 lucky people who will join the program in Agust and, I’m sure, they will have time of their lifes with you, guys. And the baseball game! That’s just an amazing idea! The other day I had to teach Chinese students the lesson about baseball. To my shame, I’ve never been on the baseball match in my life, and I had to watch a load of YouTube videos to figure out what baseball is. Terrible, isn’t it? How can one be called an English teacher without knowing much about real English culture 🙁 And the English teachers are the bridges to English culture! Well, at least, should be.
    I’m looking forward for you to say when you’ll provide another chance to join your program like this one! Please do let us know what your plans are so that I’ll not miss this opportunity next time.
    Thank you so much for your work! You’re amazing, articulate and inspire me every time I listen to you!

    • Hi Iryna- Thank you for your great message! I am happy to hear that you are interesting in the Boston Adventures program. It’s too bad that you couldn’t attend this time but we will do this program again this fall so please keep listening so that you can hear about it. Hope to see you soon in the program!

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