IELTS Energy 305: Elevate Your Speaking Part 1 with this Vocabulary

On IELTS Speaking Part 1, there are often questions related to seasons, weather and free-time activities. On Part 2 as well, you could be asked to describe your favorite seasons. On IELTS Part 3, there are also sometimes questions about global warming and climate change…. Read More

IELTS Energy 304: What Most IELTS Teachers Forget About Static Vocabulary for Writing

In IELTS Writing Task 1, you have a very high chance of getting a question about numbers. One type of question is called Change Over Time, and this is usually a line graph, with numbers that change over years, hours or days. The other type of… Read More

IELTS Energy 302: Your 3-Day IELTS Master Prep Plan

This morning, I had a Skype lesson with a student in our course. We talked about a 3-day plan for her to follow before her exam this week. But, students, warning! This plan will only work if you have already put in all the hard… Read More

IELTS Energy 301: Reading Panic! What To Do If This Is You!

Today, we address a student in our course who is experiencing some IELTS reading panic. The IELTS Reading exam is all about time-saving strategies. However, only learning the strategies, but not adhering to the time limits placed on the strategies, will get you the wrong… Read More

IELTS Energy 300: Our 3 Signature Strategies from the First 300 Episodes

Today is our 300th episode!! Lindsay and I keep plugging away at our professional mission- to provide you with the best advice and ideas in the IELTS field! Over the course of our 300 episodes, we have discovered 3 unique strategies that you will not… Read More