5 on IELTS writing

IELTS Energy 660: Why Did You Get a 5 on IELTS Writing?

Do you keep getting stuck at a 5 on your IELTS Writing test? How can you score above a 5 and move past IELTS the next time you take the exam? We give you all of the tips and advice that you need to get… Read More

IELTS Energy 544: Can You Move From a 6 to an 8 in 30 days?

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lot high vocabulary scores

How to Say ‘A lot’ for High Vocabulary Scores

Today you’ll learn impressive synonyms to use instead of ‘a lot’ for high vocabulary scores on IELTS. The definition of a 7 or higher for Vocabulary, in Speaking, is that the candidate shows a range (informal to formal) of words, exhibiting knowledge of interesting phrases,… Read More

problems th s sh ielts speaking listening

Video: Solve Major Problems with th/s/sh for IELTS Speaking and Listening

Today we’ll solve your pronunciation problems with th, s, and sh for IELTS Speaking and Listening. Did you know that pronunciation is directly linked to listening comprehension? Thus, if you are unable to enunciate the difference between the English sounds, such as th/s and s/sh,… Read More