prepare for IELTS Exam

Beware of the Over-prepare for the IELTS Exam!

Beware of the Over-prepare! Here is a story of a student who got on the wrong track! Once upon a time, there was student. This student wanted desperately to get a 7.5 on the IELTS exam. In fact, this student, let’s call him Biff, was… Read More

IELTS goals vision board

IELTS Energy 106: Envision Yourself Reaching Your IELTS Dreams

In today’s episode we’ll show you how creating a vision board will help you stay focused on your IELTS goals and the life that you want after you get your target score. Making a vision board can help you focus your goals, keep track of… Read More

IELTS Energy 95: How to Work Harder AND Smarter for IELTS

To get the IELTS score you need you must not only work hard but you need to work SMART! Today we will talk about whether it’s better to study for 3 hours at a time, 1 hour at a time or to study in small… Read More

Taking IELTS not going to university

IELTS Energy 94: Taking IELTS and NOT Going to University?

If you are not planning to apply to a university or immigrate to a new country should you still take IELTS as a personal goal? Today Lindsay and Jessica ask this question and give you some hints and ideas about how to use IELTS to… Read More

AEE IELTS: Anxious? Nervous? Scared? How to Go to Your Happy Place When It Comes to the IELTS

Feeling anxious about the IELTS exam? Today, Lindsay and Jessica talk about four tactics for overcoming fear and finding calm before test day!   It’s natural to be afraid when going into a test as difficult as the IELTS exam.  But you can’t let fear and… Read More