IELTS hero Nikolay 9

IELTS Energy 525: IELTS Hero Nikolay and His 9’s

Today we’ll talk to IELTS hero Nikolay about his 9’s on the last exam! Nikolay had to take IELTS 4 times before he received his most recent amazing scores. Previously, he had taken an IELTS preparation class in a language school in Russia, but found… Read More

learning style changes IELTS preparation

How Your Learning Style Changes IELTS Preparation

Today you’ll find out how your learning style changes IELTS preparation, to make your studies more effective.   You can be more than one learning style! Visual This learner prefers learning via images and pictures, and has well-developed spatial understanding. Use colors to organize your… Read More

beyond IELTS 7

IELTS Energy 515: 3 Ways to go Above and Beyond IELTS for Your 7+

Today you’ll get 3 activities to push you beyond IELTS 7, to reach the highest scores! In order to receive the best scores on IELTS, first, you need a study plan. This schedule should include all the IELTS strategies, plus a great deal of time… Read More