IELTS Energy 743: Vocabulary for Avoiding IELTS Burnout

Today you’ll learn high-scoring IELTS vocabulary about burnout. Also, though, let’s talk about your IELTS motivation and stress. You have to be conscious about alleviating your IELTS burden, or lessening the pressure of getting your target scores. One way to do this is to name… Read More

ryoki ielts speaking 9

IELTS Energy 704: Ryoki Conquers IELTS Again (with a Speaking 9!)

Today you’ll meet Ryoki and learn how he nailed an IELTS Speaking 9! Ryoki took the exam two years ago, got amazing scores, and then moved to Melbourne to study and teach. Click here to learn how he got that overall 8 the first time… Read More

IELTS Energy 682: Writing Wisdom from the 3 Keys Community

Today you’ll get writing wisdom from our 3 Keys community. Every month, we have a Writing Wizard Contest in our closed Facebook group for 3 Keys IELTS. In the first week of the month, we put a Writing Task 2 question in the group. Students… Read More

ricardo ielts scores 8 7.5

IELTS Energy 675: Ricardo’s Rad IELTS Scores of 8’s and 7.5’s

Today you’ll learn how Ricardo got 8’s and 7.5’s on his recent IELTS Exam. Ricardo is a stellar 3 Keys student who just got an overall 7.5! He got 7.5 for Reading and Speaking, 8 for Listening, and 6.5 for Writing. Although he does have… Read More

Video: Achieve Your IELTS Goals with Today’s Vocabulary

Today you’ll learn native vocabulary to speak and write about your life goals. Click here for your free Video IELTS Masterclass! Remember to sign up for our IELTS YouTube Live event on January 23rd! Click here to sign up and you’ll get 2 idioms for… Read More