speaking examiner inappropriate

IELTS Energy 739: Why the Speaking Examiner Thinks You’re Inappropriate

Today you’ll find out why the Speaking Examiner may think you’re inappropriate. We’ve been reporting lately on my conversations with current IELTS Examiners from around the world. Today, we’ll find out what annoys one very experienced examiner about candidates speaking answers. Memorized answers Some students… Read More

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IELTS Energy 738: Five Reasons IELTS Examiners Give You a Writing 6

Today you’ll learn the reasons why examiners give you a 6 on Writing. Are you wondering what band score you’d get if you took IELTS right now? Go to www.allearsenglish.com/myscore to take our short quiz and find out your IELTS band score! We’ve been talking… Read More

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IELTS Energy 737: Is it Possible to Get Overall IELTS 8? Jin Says Yes!

Today you’ll meet Jin and learn how to get an overall IELTS 8. This 3 Keys student recently took the exam, and got: Listening 8, Reading 9, Writing 7.5, and Speaking 7.5, for an overall 8! These scores increased from her previous results. Even though… Read More