band 9 sample birthday answers IELTS

IELTS Energy 572: Band 9 Sample Birthday Answers for IELTS

Today you’ll hear band 9 sample birthday answers for IELTS Speaking Part 1. This is a very specific topic, and you may just be asked about it on your next IELTS test! Question 1: Do you enjoy celebrating your birthday? Notes from Lindsay’s answer: in… Read More

IELTS brainstorm rookie mistakes

IELTS Energy 571: Avoid These IELTS Brainstorm Rookie Mistakes

Today you’ll learn how to avoid common IELTS brainstorm rookie mistakes on your exam. On the test, you must brainstorm twice- for Writing and for Speaking Part 2. However, the way you take these notes is different. Speaking Part 2 Notes You only get one… Read More