vocabulary ielts burnout

IELTS Energy 743: Vocabulary for Avoiding IELTS Burnout

Today you’ll learn high-scoring IELTS vocabulary about burnout. Also, though, let’s talk about your IELTS motivation and stress. You have to be conscious about alleviating your IELTS burden, or lessening the pressure of getting your target scores. One way to do this is to name… Read More

let alone ielts speaking

IELTS Energy 742: Use ‘Let Alone’ for Increased IELTS Speaking Scores

Today you’ll learn how to use ‘let alone’ on IELTS Speaking. First, what score would you get if you took your IELTS Exam right now? Click here to take a short quiz and find out, and get personal advice for your level. ‘Let alone‘ is… Read More

writing 6 ielts examiners

IELTS Energy 741: Your Writing 6 (Conversations with IELTS Examiners)

Today you’ll learn why so many IELTS examiners give you a Writing 6. What score would you get on the IELTS Exam if you took it tomorrow? Click here to find out! This episode is our last installment in our series based on my conversations… Read More

computer delivered ielts strategies

Video: My Computer Delivered IELTS Test- New Strategies!

Today I’ll share my experience taking the computer-delivered IELTS test, and tell you about some strategies. Click here for a complete mock speaking test and examiner feedback. Last Saturday, I went to Victoria, Canada, and took the computer-delivered IELTS Exam. Before going, I wanted to… Read More

speaking sample ielts magazine answers

IELTS Energy 740: Simple and Stunning Speaking Sample IELTS Magazine Answers

Today you’ll hear native speaking sample IELTS answers about magazines. Make sure you listen to our conversation at the beginning of the episode! Our natural, spontaneous discussion about magazines teaches you a lot of language for this topic of magazines! Questions about media, including magazines,… Read More