IELTS Exam phrasal verbs with break

IELTS Energy 143: 4 Phrasal Verb That Will Break The Score Ceiling

Today you’ll get four phrasal verbs to break your score ceiling for the IELTS Exam! In the past we have shown you other phrasal verbs and idioms for a 7 or higher when you talk about work, family, or your hometown. Today find out exactly… Read More

IELTS Writing vocabulary target score 7

IELTS Energy 142: 3 Illustrious Writing Phrases for Your Target Score

Want to get your target IELTS Writing score? Today we’ll give you four illustrious phrases that will impress the examiner, make you stand out as exceptional, and will get you your target score We’ll show you where on the exam you can use these phrases… Read More

IELTS advice victime

IELTS Energy 141: Don’t Be an IELTS Victim

IELTS is hard. Preparing for IELTS can be hard. But don’t become an IELTS victim! Today we’ll show you why it’s important not to become a victim and why you have no time to make excuses. You’ll get six key phrases that you might be… Read More

IELTS Writing and TOEFL writing

IELTS Energy 140: How to Secure that Magic TOEFL 24 and the Magic IELTS 7 on the Writing Exam

Today get the three top strategies for the best preparation for both TOEFL and IELTS! Jaime Miller from English Success Academy is back on the show today! She has been working with TOEFL students for more than five years. She knows TOEFL! She’ll talk with… Read More