writing wisdom 3 keys community

IELTS Energy 682: Writing Wisdom from the 3 Keys Community

Today you’ll get writing wisdom from our 3 Keys community. Every month, we have a Writing Wizard Contest in our closed Facebook group for 3 Keys IELTS. In the first week of the month, we put a Writing Task 2 question in the group. Students… Read More

formal paraphrases kids

IELTS Energy 681: Fantastic Formal Paraphrases for ‘Kids’

Today you’ll learn formal paraphrases for ‘kids’ for higher Vocabulary scores. In Writing Task 2 and Speaking Part 3, you need to use appropriately formal words. A fantastic 3 Keys student asked this in our closed Facebook group: Can we use the word ‘kids’ in… Read More

recent 2019 ielts questions

IELTS Energy 679: Most Recent 2019 IELTS Questions

Today you’ll hear answers to recent 2019 IELTS questions. These questions were provided by a 3 Keys student in our closed Facebook group. IELTS candidates are always looking for recent exam questions online. Be careful when you are searching for these- sometimes they are not… Read More

band 9 ielts health vocabulary

Video: Band 9 IELTS Health Vocabulary

Today you’ll learn band 9 IELTS vocabulary about the topic of health. Go to allearsenglish.com/insider for your free Video IELTS Masterclass! Sign up for our March Writing Task 2 webclass! Come live and ask us questions. It’s free! Sign up now at allearsenglish.com/advice. Thank you… Read More

elias 8.5 ielts speaking

IELTS Energy 676: How did Elias get an 8.5 on IELTS Speaking?

Today you’ll find out how Elias got 8.5 on his IELTS Listening Exam. Click here for Elias’s other episode as a guest on the show, when he won the Writing Wizard contest. Then, he took IELTS for the first time, and got 7.5 on Listening,… Read More