IELTS brainstorm rookie mistakes

IELTS Energy 571: Avoid These IELTS Brainstorm Rookie Mistakes

Today you’ll learn how to avoid common IELTS brainstorm rookie mistakes on your exam. On the test, you must brainstorm twice- for Writing and for Speaking Part 2. However, the way you take these notes is different. Speaking Part 2 Notes You only get one… Read More

workouts IELTS prep

Sweating For IELTS: Combine Your Workouts and IELTS Prep

Today you’ll get a 5-day routine combining workouts and IELTS prep. We are all busy adults. And, if you’re anything like me, you try to maximize your time by multi-tasking. As you know, doing well on your IELTS Exam requires two elements: having a high… Read More

letter closings increase writing scores

IELTS Energy 568: Which Letter Closings Increase Your Writing Scores

Today you’ll learn letter closings to increase your Writing scores in the General Training Task 1 letter. We got a fantastic question about Task 1 strategies. The advice today is for the general training letter, but the ideas today will help academic students as well…. Read More