secrets ielts task 1 diagrams

IELTS Energy 650: Three Secrets for IELTS Task 1 Diagrams

Today you’ll learn three secrets for IELTS Task 1 diagrams. Remember to sign up for our free December webclass: Four Secrets to Get a 7 or Higher on IELTS Speaking Part 2! Click here to reserve your spot! So, in IELTS Writing Task 1, diagrams have… Read More

quick wins speaking vocabulary

IELTS Energy 649: Quick Wins for Speaking Vocabulary! For Sure!

Today you’ll get quick wins for speaking vocabulary, with paraphrases for the word ‘totally’. Beginning your answers with today’s natural, native vocabulary will immediately impress the examiner. Note our pronunciation of today’s vocabulary and try to mimic the way we sound, to not sound like… Read More

ielts grammar count non-count nouns

Video: IELTS Grammar: Don’t Mess Up These Count/Non-count Nouns

Today you’ll get rules for IELTS grammar, about count and non-count nouns. Click here for your free Video IELTS Masterclass! Today’s rules are most important for Writing Task 2, but I’ve also seen students make these mistakes on their Listening Exams. Today’s grammar errors are… Read More

marinas tips overall 7.5 ielts

IELTS Energy 647: Marvelous Marina’s Tips for an Overall 7.5 on IELTS

Today you’ll learn Marina’s tips for an overall 7.5 on IELTS. She had to take IELTS 4 times before getting the scores she needed. (Stay motivated, students!) In her previous preparation, Marina took another IELTS online course as well as hiring a teacher, but that… Read More

ielts reading exam 40 minutes

IELTS Energy 645: How Olivia Did the IELTS Reading Exam in 40 Minutes

Today you’ll meet Olivia, and find out how she finished her Reading Exam in 40 minutes! She also received amazing scores: 8.5 for Listening, 9 for Reading, 6.5 for Writing and 7.5 for Speaking. To achieve this incredible Listening score, Olivia has English on in… Read More