7 ielts vocabulary sports

Video: 7+ IELTS Vocabulary- Sporty Idioms and Slang

Today you’ll get high-scoring, native speaker idioms and slang to discuss sports on the IELTS exam. Surprisingly, the topic of sports does pop up all over the IELTS exam. You may have to talk about sports in Speaking Parts 1, 2, or 3. What is… Read More

holiday phrases score 8 ielts speaking

IELTS Energy 344: 7 Holiday Phrases to Score on 8 on IELTS Speaking

No matter what holidays you celebrate in your culture, you can use these phrases to score an 8 on the IELTS Speaking Exam! The topic of holidays comes up often on the IELTS Speaking Exam, in Parts 1 and 2. Take note though! In British… Read More

honest plan speaking 9

IELTS Energy 343: The Most Honest 2-Step Plan for Speaking 9’s

The element of honesty plays a big part in increasing your Fluency, Vocabulary and Pronunciation scores on the IELTS Speaking Exam. Recently, a native speaker took the exam, and approached his spoken answers with open and quick honesty. This is likened to narrating what is… Read More

sample ielts part 2 answer competition

Video Lesson: 7+ Sample IELTS Part 2 Answer- A Competition

Today, you’ll learn from a fluent and impressive answer to a Part 2 question about a competition. IELTS Speaking Part 2 topics fall into the following categories: describing a person describing a place describing an object describing an event/experience Today’s Part 2 topic is an excellent… Read More

patricia ielts writing superstar

IELTS Energy 342: How Patricia Became an IELTS Writing Superstar

Today a student from our course, Patricia, tells you how she became an IELTS Writing superstar! She is our Writing Wizard winner this month! This was the IELTS Writing Task 2 question: In many countries, voting is considered a privilege, and it is optional for… Read More