IELTS speaking writing advantages

IELTS Energy 615: How to Have an Edge on IELTS Speaking and Writing

Today you’ll learn amazing synonyms for ‘advantages’ to use in IELTS Speaking and Writing. These are synonyms that you need for every part of the Speaking Exam, as well as Writing Task 2. Speaking Part 1 and 2 often ask you about things you ‘like’… Read More

ielts flower questions

IELTS Energy 614: Don’t Be Basic About IELTS Flower Questions

Today you’ll learn how to answer IELTS flower questions in Speaking Part 1. We have some related resources about plants: IELTS 8+ vocab. about plants Sample Part 3 answers about plants Getting more specific about plants, though, there are sometimes Speaking Part 1 questions about… Read More

band 9 vocab ideas IELTS work

IELTS Energy 613: Band 9 Vocab. and Ideas for IELTS Gigs

Today you’ll learn band 9 vocab. and ideas for IELTS questions about employment and work. This topic comes up all over the exam! Example questions: Speaking Part 1 Have you ever had a full-time or part-time job? Speaking Part 2 Describe a a part-time job… Read More