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IELTS Energy 649: Quick Wins for Speaking Vocabulary! For Sure!

Today you’ll get quick wins for speaking vocabulary, with paraphrases for the word ‘totally’. Beginning your answers with today’s natural, native vocabulary will immediately impress the examiner. Note our pronunciation of today’s vocabulary and try to mimic the way we sound, to not sound like… Read More

ielts grammar count non-count nouns

Video: IELTS Grammar: Don’t Mess Up These Count/Non-count Nouns

Today you’ll get rules for IELTS grammar, about count and non-count nouns. Click here for your free Video IELTS Masterclass! Today’s rules are most important for Writing Task 2, but I’ve also seen students make these mistakes on their Listening Exams. Today’s grammar errors are… Read More

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Native Vocabulary If You Lose Track on IELTS Speaking

Today you’ll learn native vocabulary to use when you lose track on IELTS Speaking. It happens to everyone! Losing track of what you’re saying will not necessarily decrease your score. This is a natural occurrence in communication, especially when you’re already nervous, and talking about… Read More