band 9 ielts health vocabulary

Video: Band 9 IELTS Health Vocabulary

Today you’ll learn band 9 IELTS vocabulary about the topic of health. Go to for your free Video IELTS Masterclass! Sign up for our March Writing Task 2 webclass! Come live and ask us questions. It’s free! Sign up now at Thank you… Read More

shed light facts higher scores

IELTS Energy 674: How to Shed Light on Facts for Higher Scores

Today you’ll learn how to ‘shed light’ on facts for higher Writing scores. These are fantastic phrases for Writing Task 2. Recently, a 3 Keys student asked: When I want to talk about research, instead of saying, “The research found that…” can I say, “The research laid bare…”? Is it too informal? This phrase is very formal, but it is more specific. ‘Laid bare‘ usually introduces a negative conclusion… Read More

say grammar wrong ielts speaking

IELTS Energy 673: What to Say When Your Grammar is Wrong

Today you’ll learn what to say if your grammar is wrong on IELTS Speaking. In my Speaking Exam, if I correct myself after making a mistake (for instance, I say ‘work’ instead of ‘worked’), is it good or bad to correct ourselves on our Speaking… Read More

ielts vocabulary measure up

IELTS Energy 670: Does Your IELTS Vocabulary Measure Up?

Today you’ll learn IELTS vocabulary like ‘measure up’. We’re having a review contest! Leave us a review of the podcast, and we’ll choose a random winner for a 15-minute level check with Jessica! Leave us a review of the show in iTunes or Stitcher, or… Read More