elias 8.5 ielts speaking

IELTS Energy 676: How did Elias get an 8.5 on IELTS Speaking?

Today you’ll find out how Elias got 8.5 on his IELTS Listening Exam. Click here for Elias’s other episode as a guest on the show, when he won the Writing Wizard contest. Then, he took IELTS for the first time, and got 7.5 on Listening,… Read More

One Key Strategy for Every Part of the IELTS Exam

Today you’ll get one key strategy for each part of your IELTS Exam. For the complete system of strategies you need, though, you need to be a 3 Keys student! Click here for more information about the 3 Keys IELTS Success System. Listening Key strategy: Prediction You… Read More

IELTS Energy 661: Raise Yourself Out of an IELTS Rut in 2019

Today we talk about a student who has taken the exam twice and she has not achieved her dream. Listen for a way to increase all of your IELTS scores this year. Today’s question came from a listener of the IELTS Energy Podcast. We always… Read More

IELTS Energy 660: Why Did You Get a 5 on IELTS Writing?

Do you keep getting stuck at a 5 on your IELTS Writing test? How can you score above a 5 and move past IELTS the next time you take the exam? We give you all of the tips and advice that you need to get… Read More