ben mcbride Facebook IELTS writing controversy

IELTS Energy 536: Ben McBride’s Views on Facebook IELTS Writing Controversy

Today we talk to Ben McBride about Facebook IELTS Writing controversy! Ben McBride is the creatorof the Facebook group IELTS For All, and has a new website, He began writing practice tests for IELTS, and then got into to the teaching side. He notes… Read More

rookie Task 1 mistake IELTS

IELTS Energy 522: Don’t Make This Rookie Task 1 Mistake on IELTS

Today we’ll talk about a common rookie Task 1 mistake on IELTS, so you don’t make this error on your test. We are specifically focusing on the Change Over Time question type today. The classic COT graph has quantities on the vertical line and the… Read More

learning style changes IELTS preparation

How Your Learning Style Changes IELTS Preparation

Today you’ll find out how your learning style changes IELTS preparation, to make your studies more effective.   You can be more than one learning style! Visual This learner prefers learning via images and pictures, and has well-developed spatial understanding. Use colors to organize your… Read More