3 keys facebook

IELTS Energy 589: Quick Look at Insider Q and A from 3 Keys Facebook

Today you’ll be an insider as we discuss recent questions and answers from our 3 Keys Facebook group. The students in our course stay highly motivated and more informed when they participate in this closed group. Question 1: Regarding listening, a question said no more… Read More

challenging 3 keys strategies

IELTS Energy 587: Challenging 3 Keys’ Strategies and Our Response

Today we respond to a comment challenging 3 Keys’ strategies. Everyone gets negative comments from time to time. We are no different and so when we get a negative comment, we want to address it. We feel very strongly about this and so we want… Read More

high scoring thoughts thesis statements

IELTS Energy 573: High-Scoring Thoughts on Thesis Statements

Today you’ll hear high-scoring thoughts on thesis statements for Writing Task 2. In order to get a good score for Cohesion Coherence, you must have a thesis statement! This sentence is functional. It should be the last sentence of the introduction. It orients the reader,… Read More