jennifer band 8 ielts writing

IELTS Energy 669: It’s Fun for Jennifer to Get Band 8 on IELTS Writing

Today you’ll mean Jennifer, and learn how to get band 8 on IELTS Writing. She was actually a guest on episode 468 for getting an overall 7.5. Jennifer is taking 3 Keys again to raise her scores, and is this month’s Writing Wizard Winner. Her… Read More

palomas ielts band increases

IELTS Energy 668: Paloma’s IELTS Tips for Your Band Increases

Today you get 3 Keys’ student Paloma’s IELTS tips for your band increases! The first time she took the exam, she got 6 in Listening and Writing, 7 in Speaking, and 6.5 in Reading. Recently, after taking 3 Keys IELTS, Paloma, she got a 7… Read More

practice activities ielts skills

IELTS Energy 666: Inspiring Practice Activities for all 4 IELTS Skills- Get it Done in 2019!

Today you’ll get practice activities for the 4 IELTS skills. These are activities you can start doing immediately! Speaking: Find your voice and confidence Every morning, talk out loud in English. State a goal you will accomplish that day. For example, making your lunch at… Read More

key strategy ielts exam

One Key Strategy for Every Part of the IELTS Exam

Today you’ll get one key strategy for each part of your IELTS Exam. For the complete system of strategies you need, though, you need to be a 3 Keys student! Click here for more information about the 3 Keys IELTS Success System. Listening Key strategy: Prediction You… Read More

prevent exam day panic

IELTS Energy 664: How to Prevent Exam Day Panic

Today you’ll learn how to prevent panic on your IELTS Exam. We had a post in our closed Facebook group from a 3 Keys student: First of all, thanks for 3 Keys IELTS. It’s super helpful. I took my first IELTS Exam yesterday and I… Read More