real IELTS invigilator bec

IELTS Energy 540: Real IELTS Invigilator Bec’s IELTS Eye Openers

Today you’ll meet a real IELTS invigilator, Bec, and learn the most useful information about test day. Bec has been an invigilator at a center in Portland for more than 3 years. Test day can be intimidating if you don’t know what to expect. It’s… Read More

case study rookie mistakes

IELTS Energy 535: Candidate Case Study and Rookie Mistakes

Today we discuss a candidate case study and his rookie mistakes, so you don’t repeat them on your next IELTS Exam! A listener wrote in about his scoring issues and preparation problems: I have participated in the IELTS Exam and my score was 4.5 [on… Read More

effective IELTS self-study

IELTS Energy 533: 3 Easy Ways for More Effective IELTS Self-Study

Today you’ll learn 3 easy ways for more effective IELTS self-study, so you don’t waste anymore time! Yes, at the end of the day, it is an English test, so you need to develop a high overall level. However, just as importantly, is learning and… Read More