ryoki ielts speaking 9

IELTS Energy 704: Ryoki Conquers IELTS Again (with a Speaking 9!)

Today you’ll meet Ryoki and learn how he nailed an IELTS Speaking 9! Ryoki took the exam two years ago, got amazing scores, and then moved to Melbourne to study and teach. Click here to learn how he got that overall 8 the first time… Read More

IELTS Energy 696: Nymaa’s Unique Tips for Overall 7.5 (1st Attempt!)

Today you will meet Nymaa who taught herself English, enrolled in our 3 Keys IELTS course and got an overall Band score of 7.5 on her first IELTS attempt. Nymaa is from Mongolia. Nymaa has been a listener of the All Ears English Podcast for… Read More

daily ielts band 9

IELTS Energy 689: Daily Deeds for an IELTS Band 9

Today you’ll learn what you can do every day to get an IELTS Band 9. It’s not impossible! For the highest IELTS scores, you need the strategies, just like our 3 Keys students, like Vitor. We had this question from a student: My fear right… Read More

vicente overall ielts 8

IELTS Energy 680: Vicente’s Recipe for Less Anxiety and an Overall IELTS 8

Today you’ll meet Vicente, and learn how he got an overall IELTS 8. Vicente took the exam twice. The first time he took the test, he got an overall 7.5, but that was not enough for his Canadian immigration dreams. Vicente worked with an IELTS… Read More