camila ielts band increases

IELTS Energy 731: Camila is Candid About Incredible IELTS Band Increases

Today you’ll hear Camila talk about her IELTS band increases. Camila took the exam twice, and she wants to immigrate to Canada. The first time, she prepared on her own for months, and got Listening 6, Reading 6, Writing 6.5, and Speaking 7.5. As soon… Read More

saeideh ielts overall 8

IELTS Energy 730: Saeideh’s IELTS Overall 8 and Writing Woes

Today you’ll hear about Saeideh’s IELTS overall 8. Saeideh is taking IELTS for Canadian immigration, and is having some difficulty with the writing. Writing is usually the most difficult part of the exam, as the way you learned to write in school is often different,… Read More

ronaldo tips computer delivered ielts

IELTS Energy 717: Ronaldo’s Tips for Overall 8 on Computer Delivered IELTS

Today Ronaldo will give you tips for an overall 8 on computer-delivered IELTS. He got 8.5 for both Reading and Listening, and 7.5 for Writing and Speaking. These scores were higher than what he needed! Before 3 Keys IELTS, he was stuck at 6.5 for… Read More

near native andrea ielts

IELTS Energy 713: How Near-Native Andrea Prepared for IELTS

Today you’ll hear near-native Andrea talk about her IELTS Exam. Andrea is Afrikaans, but has spoken English much of her life. She got an overall 8.5: 9 for Listening, 8.5 for Reading, 7 for Writing, and 9 for Speaking. Why did Andrea feel like she… Read More

jay ielts overall 7 5

IELTS Energy 711: Jay Opens the IELTS Door to Overall 7.5

Today you meet Jay, who got an overall 7.5 on his IELTS Exam! Jay is from a small town in Vietnam. To immerse himself in English as much as possible, he uses online resources, watches movies, and reads books. So, recently, he took IELTS for… Read More