overcome ielts reading panic

IELTS Energy 640: 3 Steps to Overcome Your IELTS Reading Panic

Today you’ll learn the steps to overcome IELTS Reading panic on your next exam. There’s been a theme lately to student messages we’ve been receiving. For example: I still make mistakes in reading practice. Should I move on to writing practice, or should I stick… Read More

gursharn ielts ninja 3 keys

IELTS Energy 636: Gursharn’s Honesty About IELTS Ninja Vs. 3 Keys

Today 3 Keys student Gursharn shares her experience using IELTS Ninja to prepare for her exam. She has taken the IELTS Exam twice, and has not yet reached her target for Canadian immigration of 8, 7, 7, 7. Before her first test, she didn’t prepare… Read More

ielts reading benefits

IELTS Energy 634: Are You Reaping These IELTS Reading Benefits?

Today you’ll learn how to get the most benefits from reading for higher IELTS scores. We got this excellent comment from a special 3 Keys student: At the beginning, I thought [the reading strategies] can’t be that simple… I was skeptical, but, man, they really… Read More