change over time vocab ielts 9

IELTS Energy 685: Change Your Change Over Time Vocab. for an IELTS 9

Today you’ll learn band 9 IELTS vocab. for Task 1 Change Over Time. We had a great question from a 3 Keys student: I’m wondering if there’s a Change Over Time graph with time from the past to the future, what tense should I use? What will the overall trend be? Don’t get complicated with verb tense– it’s either right or wrong. For numbers… Read More

siva writing superstar

IELTS Energy 684: Learn How Siva Evolved Into a Writing Superstar

Today you’ll meet Siva and learn how to be a writing superstar. He won this month’s writing contest, and wants to immigrate to Canada. Siva had his wife proofread his essay. Before 3 Keys IELTS, his wife struggled to understand what he wanted to say…. Read More

writing wisdom 3 keys community

IELTS Energy 682: Writing Wisdom from the 3 Keys Community

Today you’ll get writing wisdom from our 3 Keys community. Every month, we have a Writing Wizard Contest in our closed Facebook group for 3 Keys IELTS. In the first week of the month, we put a Writing Task 2 question in the group. Students… Read More

vicente overall ielts 8

IELTS Energy 680: Vicente’s Recipe for Less Anxiety and an Overall IELTS 8

Today you’ll meet Vicente, and learn how he got an overall IELTS 8. Vicente took the exam twice. The first time he took the test, he got an overall 7.5, but that was not enough for his Canadian immigration dreams. Vicente worked with an IELTS… Read More