ielts capitals key words

IELTS Energy 712: Unnatural IELTS Capitals and Key Words

Today we talk about capitals and key words regarding IELTS. We’ve had some excellent questions from 3 Keys students in our Facebook group lately, such as the following: Hello IELTS fighters. I am quite confused. Why does the words ‘western’ start with a capital letter,… Read More

jay ielts overall 7 5

IELTS Energy 711: Jay Opens the IELTS Door to Overall 7.5

Today you meet Jay, who got an overall 7.5 on his IELTS Exam! Jay is from a small town in Vietnam. To immerse himself in English as much as possible, he uses online resources, watches movies, and reads books. So, recently, he took IELTS for… Read More

ielts examiner

IELTS Energy 710: Guess What? I’m an IELTS Examiner!

Today we reveal the fact that Jessica is an IELTS Examiner. She was an examiner for 14 years, and recently resigned. IELTS Examiners are not allowed to reveal the fact, to anyone, that they are examiners. In addition to this, they are contractually bound by… Read More

formal ielts writing different academic

IELTS Energy 709: How is Formal IELTS Writing Different than Academic?

Today you’ll learn how formal IELTS Writing is different than academic writing. Recently, a 3 Keys student asked: I’d like to ask, in Writing Task 1 for the formal letters, can we use the contraction forms for I am, ‘I’m’? As per my knowledge, contractions… Read More

enjoy ielts speaking exam

IELTS Energy 708: Enjoy the IELTS Speaking Exam TOO Much?

Today we’ll talk about the possibility of enjoying the IELTS Speaking Exam too much. You’ve heard other 3 Keys students on the show who scored highly in Speaking talk about how much fun they had on the test. Recently, another 3 Keys student posted: Today… Read More