letter closings increase writing scores

IELTS Energy 568: Which Letter Closings Increase Your Writing Scores

Today you’ll learn letter closings to increase your Writing scores in the General Training Task 1 letter. We got a fantastic question about Task 1 strategies. The advice today is for the general training letter, but the ideas today will help academic students as well…. Read More

one opinion gets band score 5

IELTS Energy 567: Why Just One Opinion Gets Band Score 5

Today you’ll find out why just one opinion gets band score 5 in IELTS Task 2. Recently, a 3 Keys student in our course’s closed Facebook group posted: Recently I saw YouTube videos from IELTS teachers who are describing how you can structure your opinion… Read More

templates 50% writing score

IELTS Energy 566: Templates Are Only 50% of Your Writing Score

Today you’ll find out how templates are only 50% of your Writing score on the IELTS Exam. First of all, templates are necessary for your Task 2 essay. You must have a map, and then you just fill in your own ideas. Many students worry… Read More

online IELTS community

IELTS Energy 565: Find Your Online IELTS Community

Today you’ll learn how to find your online IELTS community for continuous motivation. If you’re preparing for the IELTS Exam by yourself, at home, it can feel lonely sometimes, and this is detrimental to your progress. Thus, finding others online who are just as hard-working… Read More

IELTS 8 Isabella

IELTS Energy 564: How to Get Your IELTS 8 Like Isabella

Today you’ll learn how get your IELTS 8 like Isabella, a student in 3 Keys IELTS. She got 8 on Listening, 8.5 on Reading and Speaking and 7.5 on Writing! That’s higher than she even needed. Now she can immigrate to Canada and follow her… Read More