ronaldo tips computer delivered ielts

IELTS Energy 717: Ronaldo’s Tips for Overall 8 on Computer Delivered IELTS

Today Ronaldo will give you tips for an overall 8 on computer-delivered IELTS. He got 8.5 for both Reading and Listening, and 7.5 for Writing and Speaking. These scores were higher than what he needed! Before 3 Keys IELTS, he was stuck at 6.5 for… Read More

celebration high scoring ielts part 1 answers

IELTS Energy 716: Celebrate With These High-Scoring IELTS Part 1 Answers

Today you’ll hear high-scoring IELTS Part 1 answers about celebrations. We had this fantastic vocabulary question in our 3 Keys Facebook group: I was practicing, and one word, celebration, is strange for me. Is it for bigger parties, or can I use it for things… Read More

behold ielts band 9 vocabulary

IELTS Energy 715: Behold! Experience the IELTS Band 9 Vocabulary!

Today, you’ll learn IELTS Band 9 vocabulary such as ‘behold’. Recently, 3 Keys student Lucas asked: Hello experts! I’m writing in regards to idiom examples. Is there any idiom to use instead of ‘see with your own eyes’? Firstly, instead of saying ‘see something‘, you… Read More

technology higher ielts writing scores

IELTS Energy 714: Bring Yourself Back to the Question for Higher IELTS Writing Scores

Today we’ll talk about technology, and getting higher IELTS Writing Task 2 scores. Congratulations to our student Helen, who raised all of her scores, especially her Reading score, that went from a 6.5 to an 8! She also increased her Writing score from a 6… Read More

near native andrea ielts

IELTS Energy 713: How Near-Native Andrea Prepared for IELTS

Today you’ll hear near-native Andrea talk about her IELTS Exam. Andrea is Afrikaans, but has spoken English much of her life. She got an overall 8.5: 9 for Listening, 8.5 for Reading, 7 for Writing, and 9 for Speaking. Why did Andrea feel like she… Read More