one-sided task 2 questions

IELTS Energy 690: What To Do With One-Sided Task 2 Questions?

Today you’ll learn how to deal with one-sided Task 2 IELTS questions. A 3 Keys student asked this question in our closed Facebook group: The Writing Task 2 question is: Universities should accept equal numbers of male and female students in every subject. Do you… Read More

daily ielts band 9

IELTS Energy 689: Daily Deeds for an IELTS Band 9

Today you’ll learn what you can do every day to get an IELTS Band 9. It’s not impossible! For the highest IELTS scores, you need the strategies, just like our 3 Keys students, like Vitor. We had this question from a student: My fear right now is how to improve my IELTS skills day by day to get a band 9. I wake up at 6am and listen to English news on the radio. While I commute to work I listen to podcasts, like Curiousity.a News… Read More

whoop glow ielts vocabulary

IELTS Energy 688: Whoop in the Glow of IELTS Vocabulary

Today you’ll learn how to use ‘whoop’ and ‘glow’ for higher IELTS Vocabulary scores. Are you in the Boston area? Do you want a live mock Speaking Exam with Lindsay? And feedback from Jessica? Email her: [email protected]! In IELTS Speaking Part 1, you will definitely… Read More

say ielts did

IELTS Energy 687: You Didn’t Say That on IELTS, Did You?

Today you’ll learn how to use ‘did’ for native emphasis on IELTS Speaking. Do you live in or around the Boston area? We’re looking for students to do a live mock Speaking Exam with Lindsay! Email her for details: [email protected]! We had this question from… Read More

improve ielts vocabulary

IELTS Energy 686: Improve Your IELTS Vocabulary by Leaps and Bounds

Today you will greatly improve your IELTS vocabulary! Click here to grab your spot for March webclasses! It’s all about Do’s and Don’ts for Writing Task 2. Today’s vocabulary all came from our 3 Keys students, who participate in our closed Facebook group. Our student… Read More