IELTS preparation and money

IELTS Energy 127: Let Us Save You $600 Per Month on IELTS

Are you throwing money down the toilet with your IELTS preparation? If you don’t get the target score you need and then you immediately sign up for another exam two weeks later then yes, you are throwing money away and you need to stop doing… Read More

IELTS Environment speaking questions and writing vocabulary

IELTS Energy 125: What You Need to Be Environmentally Savvy on All Four Parts of the IELTS Exam

Sometimes you’ll get questions about the environments on the IELTS Exam. The questions might come on the Speaking test or on the Writing test or there may be a passage about it in the Reading test. How can you prepare for these questions? Make sure… Read More

Choose IELTS course

IELTS Energy 121: The 6 Tops Tips to Choosing an IELTS Course

Are you wondering how to choose an IELTS course? Today we’ll give you our top 6 tips for choosing a great course that will help you get to your goal!   #1) Think about your priorities:  What is important to you? What do you need?… Read More

prepare for IELTS Exam

Beware of the Over-prepare for the IELTS Exam!

Beware of the Over-prepare! Here is a story of a student who got on the wrong track! Once upon a time, there was student. This student wanted desperately to get a 7.5 on the IELTS exam. In fact, this student, let’s call him Biff, was… Read More

IELTS goals vision board

IELTS Energy 106: Envision Yourself Reaching Your IELTS Dreams

In today’s episode we’ll show you how creating a vision board will help you stay focused on your IELTS goals and the life that you want after you get your target score. Making a vision board can help you focus your goals, keep track of… Read More