jane overall 7 ielts

IELTS Energy 707: There’s No Magic to Jane’s Overall 7

Today you’ll meet Jane and learn how she got her IELTS overall 7 that she needed! This was her second attempt, and she increased her IELTS Writing score by a whole band point! She received 8 in Listening, 7 in Writing, and 6.5 in both… Read More

master ielts writing laurita

IELTS Energy 706: Laurita’s Curious Mind and Masterful Writing

Today you’ll learn how to be an IELTS Writing master like Laurita. Laurita took the exam 2 years ago, and only got a 6 on Writing, even though she had scored highly on the CAE exam. She thinks it was because she was too wordy… Read More

ielts writing feedback machine

IELTS Energy 705: Are You Getting Writing Feedback from a Machine?

Today you’ll find out about online IELTS writing feedback that may be from a machine. All IELTS candidates should be getting feedback on their IELTS essays. When searching for correction services, there are huge red flags to watch out for. Firstly, if it is really… Read More

ryoki ielts speaking 9

IELTS Energy 704: Ryoki Conquers IELTS Again (with a Speaking 9!)

Today you’ll meet Ryoki and learn how he nailed an IELTS Speaking 9! Ryoki took the exam two years ago, got amazing scores, and then moved to Melbourne to study and teach. Click here to learn how he got that overall 8 the first time… Read More

recent 2019 ielts writing questions

IELTS Energy 703: IELTS 2019 Writing Questions and Band 9 Answers

Today you’ll find out the most recent IELTS 2019 Writing questions and how to answer them. Yesterday, we talked about the most recent IELTS Speaking questions, as reported by a 3 Keys student who took the exam. So today, we’ll dig into the Writing section…. Read More