mock speaking part 1 student darshna

IELTS Energy 629: Live Mock Speaking Part 1 with 3 Keys Student Darshna!

Today you will hear a mock Speaking Part 1 with student Darshna, and get feedback for a Speaking 8. Darshna has taken the IELTS Exam twice. In 2015 she got overall 7, and the previous one in June was also 7 overall. Darshna was able… Read More

one hour day improving english raising scores

IELTS Energy 628: One Hour a Day for Improving English and Raising Scores

Today you’ll find out how to use one hour a day for improving English and raising scores. Are you a busy adult? Our 3 Keys students are as well! We received this email from a one of these fantastic students: I’m a busy mom of… Read More

joana writing task 2 easy

IELTS Energy 627: Find Out How Joana Makes Writing Task 2 Easy

Today you’ll learn why Joana thinks Writing Task 2 is easy. Joana was the Writing Wizard winner this month. Every month, we have a writing contest in our course’s Facebook group. Joana has taken IELTS 3 times already, but hasn’t been able to reach the… Read More

headlines band 9 ielts writing

IELTS Energy 626: How to Use Headlines for Band 9 on IELTS Writing

Today you’ll learn how to to use headlines to score band 9 on IELTS Writing. Recently, a listener wrote a review of the podcast that included a question for us about a Task 2 prompt about the media. On your exam, you may see a… Read More

customize study plan shy

IELTS Energy 625: How to Customize Your Study Plan if You’re Shy

Today you’ll learn how to customize your study plan if you’re shy! We had this question from a listener: I happen to be a shy person. I’m unable to make eye contact during speaking, despite many efforts and practice. We can feel your pain of… Read More