vicente overall ielts 8

IELTS Energy 680: Vicente’s Recipe for Less Anxiety and an Overall IELTS 8

Today you’ll meet Vicente, and learn how he got an overall IELTS 8. Vicente took the exam twice. The first time he took the test, he got an overall 7.5, but that was not enough for his Canadian immigration dreams. Vicente worked with an IELTS… Read More

recent 2019 ielts questions

IELTS Energy 679: Most Recent 2019 IELTS Questions

Today you’ll hear answers to recent 2019 IELTS questions. These questions were provided by a 3 Keys student in our closed Facebook group. IELTS candidates are always looking for recent exam questions online. Be careful when you are searching for these- sometimes they are not… Read More

part 2 historical answer

IELTS Energy 678: Be the Driver of Your Part 2 Historical Answer

Today you’ll get a sample IELTS historical Part 2 answer. Recently, we had this question from a 3 Keys student: Could you please record a speaking answer about a historical event that you would like to know more about. Last year, we did an episode… Read More

ielts health speaking part 3 answers

IELTS Energy 677: Healthy, High-Scoring Speaking Part 3 Answers

Today you’ll hear sample IELTS Speaking Part 3 answers about health. In IELTS Speaking Part 3, the questions are not about you, specifically. They are ‘abstract’, or about society and the world at large. However, you can still support your ideas and reasons with personal… Read More

elias 8.5 ielts speaking

IELTS Energy 676: How did Elias get an 8.5 on IELTS Speaking?

Today you’ll find out how Elias got 8.5 on his IELTS Listening Exam. Click here for Elias’s other episode as a guest on the show, when he won the Writing Wizard contest. Then, he took IELTS for the first time, and got 7.5 on Listening,… Read More