7 speaking writing skeibhert

IELTS Energy 602: Get Your 7’s in Speaking and Writing Like Skeibhert

Today you’ll learn how to get 7’s in Speaking and Writing like Skeibhert, a 3 Keys student. This was Skeibhert’s first time taking the exam as well! She says that she actually enjoyed her Speaking Exam! Where did she get her confidence? In fact, Skeibhert… Read More

band score 8 writing questions

IELTS Energy 601: These Are Band Score 8 Writing Questions

Today you’ll hear band score 8 writing questions, from students who are definitely high-level. In our 3 Keys Facebook group, we’ve had some very advanced questions about IELTS Task 2 essays lately. With problem solution essays, what do I do if I don’t perceive it… Read More

luis beyond band 7 5

IELTS Energy 600: Listen to Luis for Beyond Band 7.5

Today you’ll meet 3 Keys’ student Luis, and learn how to go beyond band 7.5 on IELTS. Luis’s most recent scores were 8 in Listening,  7.5 in Reading, 7 in Writing and 7.5 in Speaking. This is higher than what he needed for express entry… Read More

retirement answers speaking part 3

IELTS Energy 599: Radical Retirement Answers for Speaking Part 3

Today you’ll hear sample retirement answers for Speaking Part 3. Today is a solo episode! The topic of age comes up a lot on the IELTS Exam, in a variety of contexts and topics. Here is another resource related to age: age vocabulary for Task 1 Sample… Read More

practice writing task 2 questions

IELTS Energy 598: Don’t Practice These Writing Task 2 Questions

Today you’ll hear about Writing Task 2 questions that you should NOT practice with! There are so many IELTS sites and books out there, and, unfortunately, not all of these resources are appropriate for your learning. There are definitely some questions that are not valid,… Read More