orcun ielts writing 7

IELTS Energy 761: How Orcun Fixed His Gaps for an IELTS Writing 7

Today you’ll hear how Orcun got an IELTS Writing 7. This has been a long IELTS journey for him! Last year, he realized that he had to start preparing for this exam for immigration purposes. He actually had to take the exam 3 times before… Read More

robson overall 7.5 ielts

IELTS Energy 760: How Robson Rose to Overall 7.5 on His First IELTS Exam

Today you’ll hear Robson talk about his overall 7.5 on his first IELTS Exam! He recently took the General Exam, and was surprised at his high scores! He had been preparing for IELTS for 6 months before he found 3 Keys IELTS. Actually, Robson only… Read More

joana 7 ielts speaking

IELTS Energy 759: Jump for Joy as Joana Gets a 7 on IELTS Speaking

Today you’ll learn how Joana got a 7 on IELTS Speaking. Click here to follow All Ears English on Instagram– all_ears_english! Plus, she got this score on her very first attempt! Like many IELTS candidates, Joana and her husband are hoping to immigrate to Canada…. Read More

band 9 ielts part 2 answers artists

IELTS Energy 758: Band 9 IELTS Part 2 Answers About Admired Artists

Today you’ll hear band 9 IELTS Part 2 answers about artists. What would you get on the IELTS Exam if you took it today? Click here, take a short 2 minute quiz and find out! Michelle is back! She’s trying her first IELTS Part 2… Read More

evgenii advice 7 ielts writing

IELTS Energy 756: Evgenii’s Advanced Advice for a 7+ on IELTS Writing

Today you’ll hear Evgenii’s advice for a 7+ on IELTS Writing. Evgenii is a guest today because he wrote the winning essay in the Writing Wizard contest last month. The first time he took the exam, he only got 6 on Writing, 7.5 on Listening,… Read More