grammar matter IELTS

IELTS Energy 578: Does Grammar Really Matter on IELTS?

Today you’ll find out if grammar matters on IELTS, and get excellent pronunciation advice. In the beginning of the episode, we mention two helpful articles for you guys- using your commute for IELTS, and combining working out with test prep. A student asked us some… Read More

improved grammar spelling

IELTS Energy 577: Two Top Resources For Improved Grammar and Spelling

Today you’ll get resources for improved grammar and spelling skills for IELTS. We know a lot of you have grammar anxieties! However, you must be intelligent about the usage of your time. It’s very challenging for most students to even get a 7 on grammar… Read More

secrets caio's overall 8 IELTS

IELTS Energy 576: Secrets of Caio’s Overall 8 on IELTS

Today you’ll learn the secrets of 3 Keys’ student Caio’s overall 8 on IELTS! Previously, Caio received 7.5 in Listening, 6.5 in Writing and Speaking, and 9 in Reading. Already high scores. To get the 9 in Reading on his own, he did loads of… Read More

clothing IELTS part 3 answers

IELTS Energy 575: Killer Clothing IELTS Part 3 Answers

Today we provide sample clothing IELTS Part 3 answers for this real exam topic! In IELTS Speaking Part 3, you want to present a strong personal opinion, if appropriate to the question. Then, you need to support your response with specific details, often drawn from… Read More

cause consequence band 9 vocab

IELTS Energy 574: The Cause and Consequence of Band 9 Vocab.

Today you’ll get high-level phrases for cause and consequence band 9 vocab. scores. The high-level words you learn today can be used all over IELTS, like General Training letters, Task 2 essays, and Speaking Part 3. These are words and phrases that help you stand… Read More