abner amazing ielts questions

IELTS Energy 641: Review Contest Winner Abner Asks Amazing IELTS Questions

  Today you’ll hear student Abner ask amazing IELTS questions. Recently, we had a review contest, and Abner was chosen to come on the show. He’s never taken the test before, and is preparing for his first exam. He listens to our podcast, studies English… Read More

overcome ielts reading panic

IELTS Energy 640: 3 Steps to Overcome Your IELTS Reading Panic

Today you’ll learn the steps to overcome IELTS Reading panic on your next exam. There’s been a theme lately to student messages we’ve been receiving. For example: I still make mistakes in reading practice. Should I move on to writing practice, or should I stick… Read More

Martines writing secrets simple

IELTS Energy 639: Martine’s Writing Secrets- Keep It Simple

Today you’ll hear about Martine’s simple writing secrets for IELTS Task 2. Before getting into 3 Keys IELTS, she had doubts about her ideas and found planning difficult. Now, she’s learned that there are no bad ideas, and has more writing confidence. Her problem now… Read More

questions ielts teacher

IELTS Energy 638: 7 Essential Questions for Your Next IELTS Teacher

Today you’ll learn the questions you need to ask an IELTS teacher, tutor or course creator before you sign up. First of all, you really should be investing in yourself and your future, before you take the exam. Question 1: How long have you been… Read More

future phrases band 8 ielts writing

IELTS Energy 637: Future Phrases for Your Future Band 8 in IELTS Writing

Today you’ll learn band 8 phrases about the future for IELTS Writing. Click here to learn band 8 prediction phrases for IELTS Speaking. We had an interesting question from a 3 Keys student: Is it OK to write ‘further in the future’ as a phrase? Yes,… Read More