IELTS Speaking Part 2 timing

IELTS Energy 178: Can I Speak for More than 2 Minutes in IELTS Speaking Part 2?

Are you confused about timing in the different portions of the IELTS Speaking test? Today we got a question from a listener: “If I speak for more than two minutes in Speaking Part 2 will my score go down? Will the examiner stop me when… Read More

IELTS English vocabulary

IELTS Energy 177: Our Expert Advice on Improving IELTS Vocabulary

Are you confused and lost when it comes to IELTS vocabulary? What words should you use and when should you use them? Today you’ll get our expert advice on how to improve your IELTS vocabulary. Today we have a question from an IELTS Energy listener:… Read More

IELTS Speaking and IELTS Writing

IELTS Energy 176: 7 Stellar Cinematic Phrases for IELTS Speaking and Writing + 2 More

Today you’ll  get 7 stellar cinematic phrases for IELTS Speaking AND IELTS Writing plus a few more! Get the amazing IELTS vocabulary that you need for these two parts of the test that will push your score higher than a 6 and up into the… Read More

IELTS Listening Exam

IELTS Energy 175: Prevent Panic on the IELTS Listening Exam

Today we’ll show you how to stop feeling freaked out and panicked on the IELTS Listening exam and instead how to calm down and get the score you need. To reduce your stress you can practice by using the audio script. They are at the… Read More

IELTS Exam score

IELTS Energy 174: Why You’re Shocked About Your IELTS Score

Today you’ll meet a listener of our podcast who got a 7 on IELTS Speaking but a 5 on Writing. Find out what went wrong and what she can do today. We got a few emails from this student. She wrote to us right after… Read More