IELTS Writing task 2 strong examples

IELTS Writing Task 2 Examples: Coming up with Strong Support

On IELTS Writing Task 2, students are always asking for help with examples. Do you struggle with this too? Teachers always tell students that they have to add  specific details and examples in their IELTS Task 2 essays, but teachers don’t always tell students how to… Read More

Renata 3 Keys IELTS Success story IELTS band 8

IELTS Energy 169: Success Story! Two Things Renata Did to Get a 9 on IELTS Reading

Today we have a 3 Keys IELTS Success Story! Learn about the two things that Renata did to get a 9 on IELTS Reading and an overall score of 8 on IELTS! Let’s learn from Renata to get the secrets to this amazing score! How… Read More

IELTS Preparation plan

IELTS Energy 168: 5 IELTS Preparation Approaches That Destroy Your Score

Today you’ll learn about 5 IELTS preparation approaches that destroy your score. We’ll show you why it’s almost too late for one listener to get their target score but we’ll show you how you can turn it around if you are in this situation too…. Read More

IELTS Writing feedback

IELTS Energy 167: How Writing Feedback Can HURT Your IELTS Score

Can IELTS Writing feedback actually hurt your score? Yes it can! We’ll show you how it can hurt you if you get bad writing advice in today’s episode. When should you get writing feedback? Where should you get it? One of Jessica’s students made the… Read More

instant IELTS study plan

IELTS Energy 166: An Instant IELTS Study Plan Created For One 3 Keys Student

Today  INSTANT study plan created for one 3 Keys IELTS student! What happens when plans change? Today find out how to deal with IELTS preparation surprises and changes. If you are in a course like ours you can get immediate answers to your questions like… Read More