IELTS READING matching headings to paragraphs

IELTS Energy 202: How Distrust Decreases Your Reading Score

Today find out what happens when you don’t trust a solid strategy on the IELTS Reading test and learn how it sabotages your score. The biggest mistake that students make is that they don’t trust a reading strategy like the one that we offer in… Read More

IELTS Listening calm

IELTS Energy 200: Two Listening Hacks to Maintain Your Composure on the IELTS Listening Test

Today get two listening hacks to maintain your composure on the IELTS Listening test. You’ll get two simple signposts that you must know to get higher listening scores. Two tips: 1) Stress and intonation matters! Paying attention to stress and intonation on the Listening test… Read More

IELTS travel vocabulary

IELTS Energy 199: 5 IELTS Travel Vocabulary Gems to Hike Up Your Score

Today you’ll get five IELTS travel vocabulary words to hike up your score on any IELTS Writing or IELTS Speaking question that has to do with travel. You could be asked about travel on Speaking Part 1, 2 or 3 on the IELTS. Five IELTS… Read More

bad IELTS idioms

IELTS Energy 198: Junk Food Vocabulary that Junks Your IELTS Score

Do you use “junky” IELTS vocabulary words on the IELTS? Today we’ll show you how these idioms will bring your IELTS score down on Speaking and Writing. The idioms that we’re going to give you today are overused and not interesting or new. They are… Read More

IELTS Energy 197: The Wrong and Lazy Questions to Ask About IELTS

Are you asking bad and lazy questions about IELTS? Find out what a high quality question would look like and find out how to start asking better questions. The quality of your question says a lot about the quality of your preparation. We often get… Read More