IELTS Writing Task 2 argument, opinion, problem solution essays

IELTS Energy 162: How to Tackle the Toughest Writing Task 2 Question

What is the toughest IELTS Writing Task 2 question? It’s a question that combines opinion, argument, and problem solution questions. How can you tackle it so that you get the score you need? Today find out how to deal with this question to get the… Read More

IELTS Results

Your IELTS Results: 5 Things You Need to Do

What should you do when you receive your IELTS results? After two long weeks of nail biting and bated breath, your IELTS results were released. With dreams of 7’s, or even 8’s, you opened the envelope, or clicked on the appropriate link, and your face… Read More

IELTS Writing score

IELTS Energy 159: Three Things You Are Doing that Hurt Writing Your Score

Today you will get 3 habit changes that will directly increase your IELTS Writing score and will give you unstoppable confidence on test day. Are you typing your IELTS practice essays? If so then you are making a big mistake! This is not the way… Read More

IELTS ex-examiner advice

IELTS Energy 158: Dangerous Advice on Speaking Part 2 from an “Ex-Examiner”

Today we are going to directly answer a question that we received from a listener about some advice that he received from an ex-examiner of the IELTS Exam in a book that he purchased. Here is the question from our listener: “When I was reading… Read More