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IELTS Energy 174: Why You’re Shocked About Your IELTS Score

Today you’ll meet a listener of our podcast who got a 7 on IELTS Speaking but a 5 on Writing. Find out what went wrong and what she can do today. We got a few emails from this student. She wrote to us right after… Read More

IELTS Energy 172: Look Forward to Getting a 7 on IELTS Vocabulary

Today get 5 incredible idioms that you can strategically insert into your IELTS Exam to get the score you need NOW! We’re going to show you how to use English phrasal verbs with “look” to so that you can use “interesting idiomatic language” to boost… Read More

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IELTS Energy 171: How to NOT Waste a Year Studying for IELTS

Your time is valuable! There are wrong ways to spend your time and right ways to spend your time preparing for IELTS. Today you’ll hear the story of a student who has spent the last 12 months working hard but doing the wrong things. We… Read More

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IELTS Energy 170: The IELTS Pre-Game Ritual for a Championship Score

What should you do the day or the night before the IELTS Exam? Should you be doing practice tests? Practicing your speaking? What do world-class athletes do the night before a game? They rest and relax. They spend time with their families. They do not… Read More