IELTS Speaking score

IELTS Energy 205: Mark’s Story: How to Jump from a 6.5 to a 8.5 on IELTS Speaking

Today you’ll find out the three things that Mark did to jump two band points on IELTS Speaking and find out how you can do it too. Orginally Mark scored a 6.5 on his speaking test but after going through our 3 Keys IELT course… Read More

IELTS 8 vocabulary walking and cycling

IELTS Energy 204: The Highest Scoring Vocabulary to Move You to an 8

Today get the vocabulary you need to get an 8 on IELTS Speaking and Writing questions when it comes to movement and transportation including walking and cycling or health and fitness. Walking Questions on IELTS? Do you enjoy walking around your city? Do you think… Read More

Testimonial Fernando 3 Keys IELTS student

IELTS Energy 203: Meet 3 Keys Writing Wizard Fernando and Be a Writing Winner for IELTS Task 2

Today you get to meet the 3 Keys Writing Wizard for the month of February. Our Writing Wizard is Fernando and he is here to show you how to write an awesome IELTS Writing Task 2 essay. You’ll also find out what motivates Fernando to… Read More

ielts listening accents

IELTS Listening: Understanding Difficult Accents

There are a wide variety of accents on the IELTS Listening exam. Are you preparing yourself to understand all of these different ways of pronouncing English? IELTS is an acronym for the International English Language Testing System. This means that the creators of the IELTS Listening… Read More

IELTS READING matching headings to paragraphs

IELTS Energy 202: How Distrust Decreases Your Reading Score

Today find out what happens when you don’t trust a solid strategy on the IELTS Reading test and learn how it sabotages your score. The biggest mistake that students make is that they don’t trust a reading strategy like the one that we offer in… Read More