IELTS Energy 197: The Wrong and Lazy Questions to Ask About IELTS

Are you asking bad and lazy questions about IELTS? Find out what a high quality question would look like and find out how to start asking better questions. The quality of your question says a lot about the quality of your preparation. We often get… Read More

IELTS Writing Task 2

IELTS Energy 196: IELTS Thesis Statements: What Teachers Don’t Tell You

Today find out what teachers don’t tell you about IELTS thesis statements for Writing Task 2. The thesis statement is the most important part of the essay but it does not need to be complicated. It should be short, clear, and concise. A lot of… Read More

IELTS Listening test

IELTS Energy 195: 5 Amazing Australian Accent Avenues for IELTS Listening

Do you struggle with Australian accents on the IELTS Listening Test? Today get your problem solved with our 5 practice suggestions. It’s not easy to find Australian listening resources but we have found a few good ones. It’s important to practice with all accents because… Read More

Facebook group for 3 Keys IELTS students

IELTS Energy 194: This Week’s Best IELTS Vocabulary Questions from the 3 Keys Facebook Group

Our 3 Keys IELTS course has developed an amazing community! We all hang out in the private Facebook group and our students have some fantastic questions. Today you’ll get three questions and three answers about IELTS vocabulary from 3 Keys students. Question #1: A student… Read More