only student doing listening right

IELTS Energy 563: Be The Only Student Doing Listening Right

How can you be the only student doing listening right on the IELTS Exam? Many students may be able to watch a movie in English and understand most of it, but still can’t get high scores on the Listening Exam. Such as this student: My… Read More

benefits drawbacks online IELTS courses

IELTS Energy 561: Benefits and Drawbacks to Online IELTS Courses

Today you’ll learn the benefits and drawbacks to online IELTS courses, so you can choose your best way to prepare. We had an email from a listener: I’m interested to join your online IELTS coaching course, 3 Keys IELTS. I’m quite confident in my Listening… Read More

tricks maeva IELTS 7.5

IELTS Energy 559: Top Tricks from Maeva for an IELTS 7.5

Today you’ll learn tricks from Maeva for an IELTS 7.5. Our 3 Keys student Maeva recently rocked her IELTS Exam, with 8.5 in Listening, 8 in Speaking, 7.5 in Reading and 6.5 in Writing. That makes an overall 7.5! Previously, before 3 Keys, she got an… Read More

YouTube channels don't waste time

IELTS Energy 554: 4 YouTube Channels That Don’t Waste Your Time

Today you’ll learn about some YouTube channels that don’t waste time while studying for IELTS. This was inspired by a comment from a student, and we know that many students love learning through videos online. Here was his comment: Because I’m still practicing listening, to improve… Read More