robson overall 7.5 ielts

IELTS Energy 760: How Robson Rose to Overall 7.5 on His First IELTS Exam

Today you’ll hear Robson talk about his overall 7.5 on his first IELTS Exam! He recently took the General Exam, and was surprised at his high scores! He had been preparing for IELTS for 6 months before he found 3 Keys IELTS. Actually, Robson only… Read More

jonathan 6 8 ielts speaking

IELTS Energy 750: How Jonathan Jumped From a 6 to an 8 in IELTS Speaking

Today Jonathan tells you how he jumped from a 6 to an 8 on IELTS. Improve your IELTS vocabulary with the All Ears English app for iOS! On his most recent exam, he got the overall 7 that he needed! On Speaking and Listening he… Read More

IELTS Energy 746: Computer-Delivered IELTS Saves Listening Time

Today you’ll hear Jessica’s experience taking the computer-based IELTS Exam in Canada. Listen in today for the smartest strategies in the IELTS world. Need to increase your IELTS vocabulary score? Try the All Ears English iOS app. In the app you can subscribe and learn… Read More

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Video: My Computer Delivered IELTS Test- New Strategies!

Today I’ll share my experience taking the computer-delivered IELTS test, and tell you about some strategies. Click here for a complete mock speaking test and examiner feedback. Last Saturday, I went to Victoria, Canada, and took the computer-delivered IELTS Exam. Before going, I wanted to… Read More

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IELTS Energy 737: Is it Possible to Get Overall IELTS 8? Jin Says Yes!

Today you’ll meet Jin and learn how to get an overall IELTS 8. This 3 Keys student recently took the exam, and got: Listening 8, Reading 9, Writing 7.5, and Speaking 7.5, for an overall 8! These scores increased from her previous results. Even though… Read More