improved grammar spelling

IELTS Energy 577: Two Top Resources For Improved Grammar and Spelling

Today you’ll get resources for improved grammar and spelling skills for IELTS. We know a lot of you have grammar anxieties! However, you must be intelligent about the usage of your time. It’s very challenging for most students to even get a 7 on grammar… Read More

secrets caio's overall 8 IELTS

IELTS Energy 576: Secrets of Caio’s Overall 8 on IELTS

Today you’ll learn the secrets of 3 Keys’ student Caio’s overall 8 on IELTS! Previously, Caio received 7.5 in Listening, 6.5 in Writing and Speaking, and 9 in Reading. Already high scores. To get the 9 in Reading on his own, he did loads of… Read More

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Sweating For IELTS: Combine Your Workouts and IELTS Prep

Today you’ll get a 5-day routine combining workouts and IELTS prep. We are all busy adults. And, if you’re anything like me, you try to maximize your time by multi-tasking. As you know, doing well on your IELTS Exam requires two elements: having a high… Read More

IELTS 8 Isabella

IELTS Energy 564: How to Get Your IELTS 8 Like Isabella

Today you’ll learn how get your IELTS 8 like Isabella, a student in 3 Keys IELTS. She got 8 on Listening, 8.5 on Reading and Speaking and 7.5 on Writing! That’s higher than she even needed. Now she can immigrate to Canada and follow her… Read More