marinas tips overall 7.5 ielts

IELTS Energy 647: Marvelous Marina’s Tips for an Overall 7.5 on IELTS

Today you’ll learn Marina’s tips for an overall 7.5 on IELTS. She had to take IELTS 4 times before getting the scores she needed. (Stay motivated, students!) In her previous preparation, Marina took another IELTS online course as well as hiring a teacher, but that… Read More

ielts reading exam 40 minutes

IELTS Energy 645: How Olivia Did the IELTS Reading Exam in 40 Minutes

Today you’ll meet Olivia, and find out how she finished her Reading Exam in 40 minutes! She also received amazing scores: 8.5 for Listening, 9 for Reading, 6.5 for Writing and 7.5 for Speaking. To achieve this incredible Listening score, Olivia has English on in… Read More

valery overall 7 bad examiner experience

IELTS Energy 642: Valery’s Overall 7 (And Bad Examiner Experience)

Today you’ll learn how Valery got an overall 7, and her bad experience with the Speaking examiner. She took IELTS for the first time, after doing 3 Keys IELTS, so she can study in the UK. She got an overall 7 on her IELTS Exam,… Read More