IELTS ideas

IELTS Energy 103: How to Create Creative Ideas for IELTS

Do you have trouble coming up with ideas for the IELTS? If so, you are not alone! Many students struggle with this. Today we’ll show you how you can be more creative, come up with ideas faster, and where you get resources online to move… Read More

IELTS 7 student

IELTS Energy 99: The 7 Habits of a Highly Successful “7” IELTS Student

What are the daily and weekly habits of the most successful IELTS students who get a 7? Today you’ll find out exactly what smart students do to get their seven. Students who get a 7 make English a part of their everyday life. They don’t… Read More

IELTS Writing Task 2 linking words

IELTS Energy 83: The Ten Linking Words You Need to Get that 7 in Writing Task 2

If you want to get the highest possible IELTS Writing score for Writing Task 2 then you need linking words! What linking words should you use and how should you use them? Find out today! In our course we give you all of the linking… Read More