news article practice IELTS skills

5 Ways to Use One News Article to Practice IELTS Skills

Today you’ll get a 5 activities for using one news article to practice IELTS skills. You know that you should be reading the newspaper during your IELTS preparation, but how? If you’re just reading articles a couple times a week, even one a day, there… Read More

memorize prepositions writing task 1

IELTS Energy 469: Memorize These Prepositions for 7+ in Writing Task 1

Today we discuss why it’s important to memorize prepositions for Writing Task 1. We do not like to spend a lot of time on grammar, usually, but today’s grammar you definitely need to perfect for Academic Writing Task 1. Most likely, you will have to… Read More

concluding phrases future ielts 8's

IELTS Energy 457: 4 Convincing Concluding Phrases for Future IELTS 8’s

Today you’ll learn 4 concluding phrases for future IELTS 8’s, to help you close impressively in Speaking and Writing. You can use these in IELTS Speaking Part 3 and Writing Task 2. The following thoughtful question was posted by a 3 Keys student in our closed… Read More

increase writing scores pronouns

IELTS Energy 416: How One Can Increase Writing Scores with Pronouns

Today you’ll learn how you can increase IELTS Writing scores using pronouns, like the formal pronoun ‘one’. We don’t often talk about grammar, but there is a specific aspect that will directly effect your scores. A 3 Keys student recently posted this interesting and intelligent… Read More