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IELTS Energy 589: Quick Look at Insider Q and A from 3 Keys Facebook

Today you’ll be an insider as we discuss recent questions and answers from our 3 Keys Facebook group. The students in our course stay highly motivated and more informed when they participate in this closed group. Question 1: Regarding listening, a question said no more… Read More

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Don’t Make Mistakes with Pay/Spend/Save

Today you’ll learn how to avoid mistakes with “pay/spend/save” phrases in IELTS Speaking and Writing. Recently, when I was marking a lot of students essays about the same topic regarding money, I noticed that similar grammatical and collocation errors were being made with these 3… Read More

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IELTS Energy 578: Does Grammar Really Matter on IELTS?

Today you’ll find out if grammar matters on IELTS, and get excellent pronunciation advice. In the beginning of the episode, we mention two helpful articles for you guys- using your commute for IELTS, and combining working out with test prep. A student asked us some… Read More