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Video: IELTS Grammar: Don’t Mess Up These Count/Non-count Nouns

Today you’ll get rules for IELTS grammar, about count and non-count nouns. Click here for your free Video IELTS Masterclass! Today’s rules are most important for Writing Task 2, but I’ve also seen students make these mistakes on their Listening Exams. Today’s grammar errors are… Read More

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IELTS Energy 612: How to Use ‘Despite’ and ‘Whereas’ for High IELTS Scores

Today you’ll learn how to use ‘despite’ and ‘whereas’ in IELTS Writing and Speaking. These linking words will definitely make your formal communication more high-level on your IELTS Exam. We had the following question in our closed Facebook group: I saw a post on the… Read More

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You Are Too Worried About Grammar for IELTS

Are you worried about grammar while preparing for IELTS? Most IELTS candidates are wasting time in this area, and causing themselves unnecessary anxiety. The fact is, most students will end up getting a 6 on Grammar in Speaking and Writing. Why? A band score 6… Read More