IELTS Energy 661: Raise Yourself Out of an IELTS Rut in 2019

Today we talk about a student who has taken the exam twice and she has not achieved her dream. Listen for a way to increase all of your IELTS scores this year. Today’s question came from a listener of the IELTS Energy Podcast. We always… Read More

fancy grammar lowers ielts score

IELTS Energy 652: Why Fancy Grammar Lowers Your IELTS Score

Today you’ll find out how fancy grammar lowers your IELTS score. Recently, a listener asked us this question in a review: Hello from Hong Kong. Thank you for your presence on YouTube last night. I used to think I was a fairly good English speaker… Read More

ielts grammar count non-count nouns

Video: IELTS Grammar: Don’t Mess Up These Count/Non-count Nouns

Today you’ll get rules for IELTS grammar, about count and non-count nouns. Click here for your free Video IELTS Masterclass! Today’s rules are most important for Writing Task 2, but I’ve also seen students make these mistakes on their Listening Exams. Today’s grammar errors are… Read More

use despite whereas ielts

IELTS Energy 612: How to Use ‘Despite’ and ‘Whereas’ for High IELTS Scores

Today you’ll learn how to use ‘despite’ and ‘whereas’ in IELTS Writing and Speaking. These linking words will definitely make your formal communication more high-level on your IELTS Exam. We had the following question in our closed Facebook group: I saw a post on the… Read More