clothing IELTS part 3 answers

IELTS Energy 575: Killer Clothing IELTS Part 3 Answers

Today we provide sample clothing IELTS Part 3 answers for this real exam topic! In IELTS Speaking Part 3, you want to present a strong personal opinion, if appropriate to the question. Then, you need to support your response with specific details, often drawn from… Read More

cause consequence band 9 vocab

IELTS Energy 574: The Cause and Consequence of Band 9 Vocab.

Today you’ll get high-level phrases for cause and consequence band 9 vocab. scores. The high-level words you learn today can be used all over IELTS, like General Training letters, Task 2 essays, and Speaking Part 3. These are words and phrases that help you stand… Read More

high scoring thoughts thesis statements

IELTS Energy 573: High-Scoring Thoughts on Thesis Statements

Today you’ll hear high-scoring thoughts on thesis statements for Writing Task 2. In order to get a good score for Cohesion Coherence, you must have a thesis statement! This sentence is functional. It should be the last sentence of the introduction. It orients the reader,… Read More