native morne ielts not just english test

IELTS Energy 773: Native Morne Says IELTS is Not ‘Just an English Test’

Today you’ll hear Morne tell you why IELTS is not just an English test. Morne is from South Africa, just like Andrea, another successful 3 Keys student. He took the exam for the first time, got 9 for Listening and Reading, 8.5 for Speaking, and… Read More

IELTS Energy 772: Notice, Ponder, Practice for Improved IELTS Pronunciation Scores

Today you’ll learn a specific activity for improved IELTS Pronunciation scores. In one of Jessica’s Personal Coach classes, she discovered an activity to help one of her students. Notice Ponder Practice In IELTS Speaking, you should exhibit varied and appropriate intonation and stress. For instance,… Read More

Facebook Zarina IELTS 7.5

IELTS Energy 771: How One Facebook Group Helped Zarina Get an IELTS 7.5

Today you’ll learn how Facebook helped Zarina get an IELTS 7.5. Zarina took the exam 5 times, but couldn’t get above a 6 in Writing. Staying motivated through this long process was difficult, and one person that helped her keep going was another 3 Keys… Read More

IELTS Energy 770: Get Your Head in the IELTS Speaking Game

Today you will learn amazing IELTS Speaking idioms about competition. Do you want to become a more magnetic English speaker before your IELTS test? Come to our webclass, September 14th and 16th. Click here to reserve your spot now! Competitions can include sports or games…. Read More