IELTS preparation and money

IELTS Energy 127: Let Us Save You $600 Per Month on IELTS

Are you throwing money down the toilet with your IELTS preparation? If you don’t get the target score you need and then you immediately sign up for another exam two weeks later then yes, you are throwing money away and you need to stop doing… Read More

IELTS speaking test how to exaggerate

IELTS Energy 123: How to Be The Highest Scoring IELTS Candidate EVER!

Today you’ll find out how to be the highest scoring IELTS candidate EVER! And you’ll find out how to exaggerate on the IELTS Speaking test and why that will help your score. Native speakers exaggerate all of the time, especially Americans. We did an episode… Read More


IELTS Energy 122: 5 Answers to Your 5 IELTS Questions

Do you have tons of IELTS questions? Today we’ll give you 5 answers to your 5 super common IELTS questions! We’ll give you all of the information you need to get to your target score.   Question #1) What should I do if I need… Read More

prepare for IELTS Exam

Beware of the Over-prepare for the IELTS Exam!

Beware of the Over-prepare! Here is a story of a student who got on the wrong track! Once upon a time, there was student. This student wanted desperately to get a 7.5 on the IELTS exam. In fact, this student, let’s call him Biff, was… Read More

IELTS Speaking test mind blank cat scared

IELTS Energy 124: What Should I Do If My Mind Goes Blank on the IELTS Speaking Test?

Your biggest IELTS worry will be solved today! Do you worry that your mind will go blank on the IELTS Speaking test? Are you afraid that the examiner will ask you a question and you will have no idea what to say? Are you concerned… Read More