IELTS topic globalization

IELTS Energy 132: How to Get Specific When It Comes to Globalization Questions

What should you do if you get a broad topic like globalization on the IELTS Exam? Today we’ll show you how to get specific quickly, for a higher Speaking score. How should you prepare for the hot topic of globalization for the IELTS? This is… Read More

IELTS Energy 131: How to Buckle Down and Ignore IELTS Rumors

Do you listen to IELTS rumors? Do you let IELTS rumors get you scared and push you off of your center? Today we’ll show you why you need to stop listening to rumors and what you should do instead. We’ll tell you who to listen… Read More

IELTS Examiner surprise strategy

IELTS Energy 129: Three Surprisingly Strategic Statements on the Speaking Test

Today you’ll find out why you should surprise the examiner and how to do it with three easy phrases for a higher Speaking score! One great way to set yourself apart from other students from your culture is to surprise the examiner. Acknowledge the norms… Read More

IELTS inspiration

Get Your IELTS Practice Moving! 5 Inspirational Quotes

Sometimes, when there is such a big task in front of us, such as preparing for IELTS, it can be difficult to even get started. Then, when we actually jump on that road, start working through our study plans one task at a time, we… Read More

IELTS preparation and money

IELTS Energy 127: Let Us Save You $600 Per Month on IELTS

Are you throwing money down the toilet with your IELTS preparation? If you don’t get the target score you need and then you immediately sign up for another exam two weeks later then yes, you are throwing money away and you need to stop doing… Read More