big IELTS brand names

Bad IELTS Advice from Big Brand Names? Yes, It Can Happen!

Is it possible to get bad advice from big IELTS brand name courses? Yes it is! Why? Sometimes these brands enroll teachers in test prep courses when they don’t know the test as well as they should. How can you protect yourself from being a… Read More

IELTS Timing strategies

IELTS Energy 135: Timing Strategies for all 4 Parts of the IELTS Test

The IELTS is all about timing! If you don’t know how to manage your time well on all four sections then you will not get the score you need. Today we’ll talk about the timing strategies you need for success. Timing strategies for IELTS: The… Read More

IELTS Speaking contrast and IELTS Writing contrast

IELTS Energy 134: Four Contrasting Phrases the Examiner Wants to Hear

On the IELTS Speaking test  and the IELTS Writing test the examiner wants to hear you make contrasts! It is a high-level language skill that will immediately impress the examiner so that you can get the score you need. You need to be able to… Read More

IELTS video lessons

IELTS Video Lessons on the Web: Roundup and Review

Are you looking for some other great IELTS resources on the web? Video lessons are a great way to prepare for IELTS. In today’s episode we’ll show you where to find information about IELTS to supplement what you read and listen to here at IELTS… Read More

IELTS Speaking test pause

IELTS Energy 133: How to Pause for a Higher Speaking Score

There is one cool trick that you can use to get yourself a higher score on the IELTS Speaking test. If you use a strategic pause when you deliver your speaking answers it will give you a sense of momentum and it will allow you… Read More