IELTS advice victime

IELTS Energy 141: Don’t Be an IELTS Victim

IELTS is hard. Preparing for IELTS can be hard. But don’t become an IELTS victim! Today we’ll show you why it’s important not to become a victim and why you have no time to make excuses. You’ll get six key phrases that you might be… Read More

IELTS Writing and TOEFL writing

IELTS Energy 140: How to Secure that Magic TOEFL 24 and the Magic IELTS 7 on the Writing Exam

Today get the three top strategies for the best preparation for both TOEFL and IELTS! Jaime Miller from English Success Academy is back on the show today! She has been working with TOEFL students for more than five years. She knows TOEFL! She’ll talk with… Read More

IELTS Writing Task 1 grammar

IELTS Energy 138: Three Sentence Structures to Conquer Writing Task 1

Wondering how you can impress the examiner on IELTS Writing Task 1? Today we’ll give you three sentence structures that are very high level and will get you the target score that you need for your grammar score in this task. This is the most… Read More

IELTS confidence speaking and writing

IELTS Energy 137: ABC: Always Be Confident in Front of the Examiner

Always Be Confident (ABC) in front of the Examiner! How can you do it and why does it help your score on the IELTS? Find out today. This ABC (Always Be Confident) strategy especially helps on the Speaking test and the Writing test. If you… Read More

3 Keys IELTS Success System

IELTS Energy 136: Today, a Real Live Student Talking About Real Live Scores and Advice

Today we have a guest on the show. We are honored to have 3 Keys IELTS student Fatima Hassan on the show! Fatima took IELTS for the first time this summer after taking our course. Her scores were: Listening: 6 Reading 6.5 Writing: 5 Speaking:… Read More