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IELTS Energy 165: 4 Things You Can Learn from Jessica’s Car-buying Experience About IELTS

Jessica bought a new car! She got a VW Beetle! Today you’ll get four things you can learn from Jessica’s car-buying experience about the IELTS Exam. What should you consider when you buy a car and when you take IELTS?   Consider your motivation: What… Read More

IELTS honesty

Why Honesty Matters: On IELTS, and in Life

Recently, a shocking case emerged in the IELTS test center where I work. A candidate entered the test center, gave the finger print, and then somehow switched places with a candidate who looked similar to him. The candidate he switched with had a very high level of… Read More

IELTS score-killing time traps

IELTS Energy 163: How to Avoid Score-killing Time Traps

What is an invigilator? What does their job have to do with timing? How could they impact your score on Reading and Writing? One of our listeners was in the Reading exam a few weeks ago and he got thrown off by the person who… Read More

IELTS Writing Task 2 argument, opinion, problem solution essays

IELTS Energy 162: How to Tackle the Toughest Writing Task 2 Question

What is the toughest IELTS Writing Task 2 question? It’s a question that combines opinion, argument, and problem solution questions. How can you tackle it so that you get the score you need? Today find out how to deal with this question to get the… Read More