fancy grammar lowers ielts score

IELTS Energy 652: Why Fancy Grammar Lowers Your IELTS Score

Today you’ll find out how fancy grammar lowers your IELTS score. Recently, a listener asked us this question in a review: Hello from Hong Kong. Thank you for your presence on YouTube last night. I used to think I was a fairly good English speaker… Read More

speed ielts speaking

IELTS Energy 651: Speed and Fluency Myths for IELTS Speaking

Today you’ll find out about the speed you should use on your IELTS Speaking test. Remember to sign up for our IELTS webclass this week! It’s all about Speaking Part 2. There was an awesome comment in our closed Facebook group by a 3 Keys… Read More

secrets ielts task 1 diagrams

IELTS Energy 650: Three Secrets for IELTS Task 1 Diagrams

Today you’ll learn three secrets for IELTS Task 1 diagrams. Remember to sign up for our free December webclass: Four Secrets to Get a 7 or Higher on IELTS Speaking Part 2! Click here to reserve your spot! So, in IELTS Writing Task 1, diagrams have… Read More

valery overall 7 bad examiner experience

IELTS Energy 642: Valery’s Overall 7 (And Bad Examiner Experience)

Today you’ll learn how Valery got an overall 7, and her bad experience with the Speaking examiner. She took IELTS for the first time, after doing 3 Keys IELTS, so she can study in the UK. She got an overall 7 on her IELTS Exam,… Read More

overcome ielts reading panic

IELTS Energy 640: 3 Steps to Overcome Your IELTS Reading Panic

Today you’ll learn the steps to overcome IELTS Reading panic on your next exam. There’s been a theme lately to student messages we’ve been receiving. For example: I still make mistakes in reading practice. Should I move on to writing practice, or should I stick… Read More