vicente overall ielts 8

IELTS Energy 680: Vicente’s Recipe for Less Anxiety and an Overall IELTS 8

Today you’ll meet Vicente, and learn how he got an overall IELTS 8. Vicente took the exam twice. The first time he took the test, he got an overall 7.5, but that was not enough for his Canadian immigration dreams. Vicente worked with an IELTS… Read More

ricardo ielts scores 8 7.5

IELTS Energy 675: Ricardo’s Rad IELTS Scores of 8’s and 7.5’s

Today you’ll learn how Ricardo got 8’s and 7.5’s on his recent IELTS Exam. Ricardo is a stellar 3 Keys student who just got an overall 7.5! He got 7.5 for Reading and Speaking, 8 for Listening, and 6.5 for Writing. Although he does have… Read More

didn't get scores study

IELTS Energy 665: Didn’t Get Your Scores? Here’s Your Study Plan

Today you’ll get a study plan if you didn’t get the scores you needed on IELTS. Last week we answered a 3 Keys student’s questions after she took her first IELTS test. My goal is an overall 7 and 6.5 at least in each. I… Read More

prevent exam day panic

IELTS Energy 664: How to Prevent Exam Day Panic

Today you’ll learn how to prevent panic on your IELTS Exam. We had a post in our closed Facebook group from a 3 Keys student: First of all, thanks for 3 Keys IELTS. It’s super helpful. I took my first IELTS Exam yesterday and I… Read More